Thursday, November 26th, 2015

IARS Staff

Namesort icon Title
andredemushi's picture
Andre Demushi Projects' Coordinator (Youth)
Andriana Ntziadima's picture
Andriana Ntziadima Communications and Youth Projects Manager
Angie Phrasavath
FernandaRibas's picture
Fernanda Ribas Youth Voice Journal Secretariat
Hatixhe's picture
Hatixhe Demushi Finance and Grants Manager
LorelaDemushi's picture
Lorela Demushi Office Administrator
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Louise Joseph Operations Manager
Natalia's picture
Dr.Natalia Paszkiewicz Projects Coordinator (Equalities)
Rachel O'Brien's picture
Rachel O'Brien Projects Coordinator (Justice)
Theo Gavrielides's picture
Dr. Theo Gavrielides Founder & Director