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IARS Publications is a branch of IARS, which acts as an independent, small publisher specialising in social science books and research studies. All our publications are peer reviewed by our standing Editorial Board. IARS Publications adhere to the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.

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Authors and Editors who wish to publish their work through IARS Publications should get in touch with Professor Theo Gavrielides for further details.



Youth Voice Journal


Free Resources on Restorative Justice




99% Blog written and run by young people


A Victim-led Criminal Justice System: Addressing the Paradox

T. Gavrielides (2014)

Race in Probation Toolkit:
BAME User Involvement in Probation Services

N. Paszkiewicz, N. Faraday and T. Gavrielides (2014)


Race in Probation: Achieving better outcomes for black minority ethnic users of probation services

T. Gavrielides and S. Blake (2013)



Abused No More: The Voices of Refugee and Asylum-seeking women

  H. Challenger (2013)



Listening to Young Women in Police Custody: mental health needs and the police response:

R. Cass and M. Marougka (2012)

Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process: The Voices of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Women Training Manual

N.Paszkiewicz, N. Faraday,   T. Gavrielides and Volunteers from the Abused No More project. (2014)

Restorative Justice in the United Kingdom:

B. Lyon, A. Matczak and T. Gavrielides (2012)

Restoration within Youth Justice:

T. Gavrielides (Ed.) (2012)



Youth Voice Journal


Restorative Justice Theory and Practice: Addressing the Discrepancy:

T. Gavrielides


Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People in Custody: 

T. Gavrielides (2011)

Sporting Sisters: Stories of Muslim Women in Sport:

Abdullah et al. (DVD) (2012)

99% Campaign Magazine

99% Editorial Board (2013)

Waves of Healing: Using Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence:

T. Gavrielides (2012)

Measuring Young People’s Legal Capability:

IARS (2010)


99% Campaign Magazine (2nd Edition)

99% Editorial Board (2014)

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: A Critical Review

G.Loseby, A. Ntziadima and T. Gavrielides (2014)


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