The UK-based international think-tank, IARS, is proud to launch an evidence-based e - learning course for victims of crime. The course aims to empower victims by increasing their knowledge of their rights in the criminal justice and restorative justice process as these are protected by the EC Victims' Directive due to come into force in November 2015.

The course is the output of the two year EU funded project Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims And Empowering Professionals (RJE) that aims to facilitate the implementation of the EU Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime.  The findings of the project will be revealed and debated at the IARS Annual Conference 2014 entitled “A victim-led criminal justice system?”, that will be taking place between 19-20th November at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple and will be attended by international experts.

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Founder & Director and also EU project lead for the RJE said: “We are very excited with the release of this free online course. We thank all the victims, professionals and users of the criminal justice system who gave evidence that allowed us to put it together. We trully hope that it can help victims get a stronger voice moving from the margins to the centre of our justice systems”.

Gabrielle Browne, a victims' rights advocate and member of the RJE Independent Advisory Group said:  "The essence of this online course is to empower victims to make informed decisions at all stages of the criminal or restorative justice processes.  Victims should be supported and not forced to make any decisions that are not right to them."

The 45 minute online course, hosted by the Restorative Justice for All Institute (RJ4All)  has been developed in consultation with victims who have either participated or rejected restorative justice as well as offenders and professionals from five different countries. The course reflects their views and their concerns about taking part in such a process.

There is also a CPD accredited, evidence- based online course that aims to increase professionals’ knowledge and skills on how they treat and interact with victims. This can be accessed here.

The e-learning course is prepared in English but the material have also been translated in various versions including German, Greek, Bulgarian and Dutch.

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Notes to Editors

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The Restorative Justice in Europe Project is funded under EC Grant Agreement JUST/2011-2012/JPEN/AG/2951

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