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IARS believes in the value of volunteering, especially for young people aged 16-30. We believe it is an important way to make a positive contribution to our communities and is of particular benefit to young people who are often forgotten or marginalised.

Volunteering with IARS involves engaging with social policy issues, it means doing youth-led research and engaging with policy makers.

What will you do as an intern?

IARS works with around 200 diverse young people every year. Interning with IARS does not mean answering phone calls or collecting donations - it is about making a real difference.

An internship with IARS means:

  • Receiving training and accreditation
  • Doing youth-led research
  • Engaging in advocacy work and policy development
  • Speaking at events
  • Campaigning and representing issues
  • Developing project management and leadership skills

How do I become an intern?

Please sign up to our newsletter to stay updated with our latest vacancies or check our website regularly for volunteering opportunities.

Current Vacancies

Please contact the IARS to express your interest in becoming an intern:

Important  information and volunteer expenses

  • All interns are deemed to be volunteers and are entitled to be reimbursed up to £7.50 per day for travel expenses (off-peak travelcard) and up to £5 for lunch.
  • Volunteering hours are flexible between 10am-7pm.
  • Interships can vary from 1 day to 6 months or more.

We generally offer volunteering opportunities to young people aged 16-30.


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