The IARS International Institute is proud to announce that this week it received accreditation under the European Union’s Erasmus+ to run projects under the European Voluntary Service (EVS). This accreditation means that IARS can now both receive volunteers from other EVS accredited institutions as well as send its own volunteers to other accredited institutions across Europe.

This accreditation indicates to youth volunteers across Europe who may be interested in working with IARS on a project that the organization is willing to help them overcome the economic and social obstacles and cultural differences which may make their participation more difficult. IARS will also provide support for British youth volunteers who are hoping to go abroad to volunteer with other accredited organizations. The EVS accreditation helps to build on previous recognition already gained by IARS through such awards as the Youth Mark.

IARS young people learn to inform policies and practices affecting them whether at a local, regional, national or international level. We are dedicated to helping deliver the EU Youth Strategy by "Investing and Empowering" our young people. 

See The IARS International Insitute's full EVS database listing here.

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