As 2011 is coming to an end, we look back at the last 12 months and on behalf of the hundreds of young people that lead IARS, we would like to thank you and celebrate your support without which our charity would not have:

  • Provided free volunteer & internship placements to over 350 young people
  • Provided free training and other skill development programmes to over 50 young people
  • Provided for free the IARS work-based Certificate in Youth Policy to 10 young people (accredited through London Metropolitan University)
  • Provided for free awards to over 50 young people
  • Provided for free youth-led voice and representation of issues affecting the young people’s sector and help inform services for them

Tatiana, Danni, Charley, Sufia and Clara are some of the young people who with your help took active role in our democracy and make their plans for the future concrete. They have become true role models for others; they have led on the Big Society debate, scrutinised police services, engaged with civic society organisations and helped make our society a better place. Some of their own personal success stories can be found here

IARS membership and your support in 2012

Your membership is too important for us to price it and thus, despite our financial challenges, we have decided to offer it for free. More people and organisation can join us via here

The truth is that there are now over 1m 16 to 24-year-old not in employment, education or training just in England, more than 230,000 of whom are aged between 16 and 18. We can continue providing and voice and free services to them only with your support.

With the rise of university costs we are setting a target of helping 500 marginalised young people get on courses, training and employment which they would not be able to do so otherwise.  Our aim is through membership donations we raise by 31 December 2012 £60,000. Not all our members have the same capacity so please consider one of the following options to help us achieve our target:

  • Option A: £10 to sponsor a child/ young person for an IARS internship for a week
  • Option B: £99 to sponsor a child/ young person to stay in work, education or training at IARS for a month
  • Option C:  £500 to sponsor a young person to receive the IARS work-based certificate (45 academic credits, 12 months accredited course)
  • Option D: To donate any amount
  • Option E: Become an IARS sponsor

Click on above options to donate.

A big Thank you!

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, the IARS team and young people