Saturday, February 6th, 2016

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IARS membership is open to anyone who believes in our mission and wants to be involved in our work. With a small subsidised fee, we are pleased to provide the following benefits packages:

Individual Membership (£35 per year)

Organisational Membership 

Organisation size Upto 10 paid staff 11-20 paid staff 21-50 paid staff 50+ paid staff
Membership fees £45 £70 £100 £150

If you would like to sign up as a member of IARS, then please fill out the online form on this page.The fields marked with a red asterix are compulsory. Incomplete applications will not be processed. All prices are for 1 year membership 

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If you are joining as an organisation please email 

As a charity, we rely on people's kind contributions to continue our cause. If you are receiving free services for IARS or simply believe in our mission, vision and values then please consider donating. You can do this now by clicking here




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IARS membership costs £35 per annum. As a charity, we rely on our members and service users' kind contributions. As grant funding is becoming particularly difficult, to enable us to continue delivering our services, we kindly ask that you donate towards our cause. The smallest amount can go a long way. For example, for £10 you can keep a young person in placement and education at IARS for a week. You can do this NOW by clicking here ! Help us make a difference.

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