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  • About the Project
    PROMYSE stands for PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship.
    At a critical point for Europe when youth unemployment continues to rise, IARS has put together a strategic partnership organisations to run PROMYSE as a youth-led, transnational project that will enhance the quality and relevance of the learning offer in education, training and youth work by:
    • developing a new, innovate and youth-led course for young prospective social entrepreneurs (with an emphasis on NEETS), and 
    • supporting the adoption of best practices in promoting social entrepreneurship in the health and social care fields.

  • Project Background
    The economic crisis, its effects hard-felt by most EU countries, has hit young people disproportionately. Eurostat published that youth unemployment had taken an upward trend peaking in 23.8 % in early 2013, before receding to 20.9 % in 2015. Youth unemployment is on average at least twice as high as for the overall workforce, with countries like Greece and Italy experiencing unprecedented numbers (2015: GR-48.9%, IT 40%). In the UK, the rate is 12.7% (2016) and in Belgium 22.1%. Thus there is scope for cross-learning.
    The persistence of the economic crisis coupled with social inequalities have led to a deepening alienation of young people, a decline of social values and reduced belief in bottom-up social change. This impact also implies restricted access to education and training and thus fewer opportunities for personal and professional development. At the same time, the economic cost associated with caring responsibilities becomes unbearable for many families, while the full potential of the third sector in this regard has not yet been neither explored nor reached.
    To respond to this current European reality and youth needs, the objective of PROMYSE will be to promote social entrepreneurship in the health/ social care sectors as an alternative pathway to youth self-sustainability, by developing the social entrepreneurship and business skills of unemployed youth, with relevant educational or professional background, and raising awareness on the benefits and added value of social enterprises to the community as a whole.

  • Project Updates

    Launch meeting to take place in October

  • Get Involved

    If you would like to get involved in the programme please contact

  • How it fulfils our Mission

    User and Civic participation is one of IARS’ founding values. The project will develop user-led training with the beneficiaries. What is unique about our evidence-based programme is that young people, especially NEETs are directly involved in design and delivery of the training. Due to their own lived experience, the young people are experts on the issues that affect them, and the project gives them an opportunity to have their voices heard. 



                                               GRANT agreement:  2017-1-UK01-KA205-035438