What Young Southwark Wants (WYSW)

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  • About the Project

    WYSW is a youth-led advocacy and skills development programme that will measure the feedback, thoughts, evaluation and critical thinking by Southwark’s young people, focusing on Southwark's plans for the future. Young voices will also need to be heard directly by local decision makers. 

  • Project Format

    To this end, over a period of 12 months, WYSW will be based at the youth-led charity, the IARS International Institute, and in partnership with 5 local organisations will:

    • Provide an accredited training and skills development programme to at least 30 Southwark youth (focusing on youth-led research and campaigning, advocacy, citizenship, safety, relationships with the police and human rights)

    • Provide structured internship opportunities to at least 10 Southwark youth, forming the “Southwark Young Policy Group” that will manage and run the project

    • Carry out youth-led qualitative and quantitative research focusing on “Safety and Stability”

    • Produce a youth-led report for local decision makers

    • Hold 40 meetings with decision makers including the local MP who has already confirmed his interest

    • Hold a youth-led, local event bringing together at least 60 young people and key decision makers to debate the WYSW findings and recommendations.

  • Get Involved

    This project closes this month. To read our manifesto, click the attachment below.

WYSW is kindly funded by Southwark Council
PDF icon WYSW Manifesto121.84 KB