IARS is pleased to announce the winners and runners-up for the Research and Leadership Awards 2013.

Winner: Damien Lucien

With a past involvement in gang violence, Damien has received training on mediation and non-violence for the purpose of ending rivalries between his former peer group and another. In developing his own mediation skills, he has successfully broken down barriers, increased communication and enabled further dialogue between groups of young people. He is now participating in a social enterprise endeavour with his peers, to help bring further skills and employments to young people in the local area who suffer from extremely high unemployment and low educational ability. He was briefly featured in a BBC documentary in 2012, discussing the impact mediation has had on people in the London area.

Runner Up: Tahmid Hussein

Tahmid is the founder member of the YoungStars Movement. YoungStars is a youth led campaign against violence - particularly against gang related / post code related violence. The YoungStars campaigning work has included launching their very own Peace Pledge live on stage at the Peace One Day event at the 02 Arena in front of 20 000 people. The organisation now has over 6000 signatures from young people pledging to choose peace!


Winner: Zara Todd – Viper

The Viper project has worked with 16 young disabled people aged 11-24 year old over a 3 year period as part of a participatory research project. The project trained young researchers in research methods and for carrying out thorough fieldwork. Participants were also heavily involved in the development of the interview schedule, data analysis and dissemination and singlehandedly led the launch event for the research.

Runner Up: Jessica Platt - Teens in hospital

Inspired by her own experiences in hospital, Jessica independently produced a research project about key issues facing young people in healthcare. With little training in research, she engaged local hospitals to help gather information on educative material using evidence based research.


Winner: Line Algoed - Volunteer It Yourself (VIY)

The VIY project challenges young people to fix and save local youth club buildings in need of essential repairs. In the process, the young people (most of whom are not in education, employment or training) are mentored on the job by local tradespeople (also volunteers), gain a vocational building skills qualification, and progress onto apprenticeships and employment. The project works in tandem with other organisatrions: London Youth, Wickes, City & Guilds and Cospa, and is supported by The Big Lottery Fund. VIY is currently being delivered in 47 locations across the UK over two years, involving 1,000 young people and 200 trade skills mentors.

Runner Up: Susana Giner - Youth Media Agency

Since August 2011 Youth Media Agency have created a network of 105 youth media organisations from around the UK, reaching 1.5 million young people, with the vision to challenge the negative perceptions of young people in the Press. YMA have also created a vibrant network of over 200 creative associates and over 50 Mainstream media contacts, and have fostered partnerships with leading news companies including, BBC London, Timeout and the Guardian.



Winner: Josiah Duncan – Jags Foundation

In his recent work, Josiah has demonstrated a personal and relentless commitment to one young individual experiencing homelessness and gang violence intimidation. Josiah mentored the teenager intensively on a one to one basis and helped him overcome his fear of gangs and the pressure to join another gang. He has worked tirelessly with this individual, allocating a high degree of time to remove emotional barriers and to help the teenager deal with the hardship of moving away from his family and into a new area.  


Runner Up: Inga Disgalve – Victim Support

Inga was trained as a volunteer to interpret on behalf of Latvians suffering from domestic abuse. In her role, she helped victims with translation and assisted them in communicating their welfare needs to benefits agencies, children’s services and emergency accommodation providers.

Winner: Andre Campbell- Just for Kids Law

Andre is a youth ambassador for the charity Just for Kids Law. He is incredibly committed to his role of representing young people and actively encourages other young people to take ownership in resolving the most pressing issues in their local areas. Andre has been integral to a number of youth ambassador projects, including fundraising and awareness-raising projects, and a film project which sought to inspire young people to identify positive role models.

Runner Up: Bromley Youth Council - Volunteers Team

The youth council members have led awareness campaigns on bullying and cyber bullying. These projects have been well received by young participants taking part in workshops, and have initiated further discussions among the adult population about young people’s worries and experiences of bullying.


Winner: Isabel Chapman -“Young Women and Violence”


Isabel is the winner of the Young Journalist Award based on her blog entry for our 99% Campaigns Blog website.  Her publication, “Young Women and Violence” discussed the international evidence for continuing sexual exploitation and violence. Isabel’s article was shared 50 times on Facebook, tweeted 11 times, liked by 6 bloggers and received the most comments on our website page.

Runner Up: Alex Richardson-Price - “Murder in Woolwich, Don’t Let the Racists Divide Us”

Alex is the runner-up for the Young Journalist Award based on his blog entry “Murder in Woolwich, Don’t Let the Racists Divide Us”, which discussed the religious tensions following the Woolwich attacks. Alex’s article was shared 41 times on Facebook and tweeted 11 times.