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The role of dialogue: community police and victims

The dialogue between communities and their local police force can be wrought with tension. While there are positive stories in the news about police officers creating genuine connections with the public, enough is not yet done to make community members feel connected with their local authorities. 

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Safety Standards in Youth Custody Centres. Is there a decline?

Youth custody centres are meant to be a safe holding for young offenders, however, a startling 2017 report found that all the observed centres in England and Wales were deemed unsafe. Peter Clark, the former Met Police head of Counter-terrorism compiled this report and came forth with concerning observations.  In what Clark called a “cycle of violence”, has led to the declining safety in youth custody centres.

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Abused No More Training Week: My experiences in Warsaw

The 6 day training event in Poland was hosted by the Association for Legal intervention in Warsaw Poland. The main aims of the event were to:

-          Raise awareness of the particular needs of marginalised young people but also bring to light the realities of the marginalisation they face.

-          Develop new skills of working with young people.

-          Provide useful methods and tools that can be applied to our organisations target groups.

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Mental health in prisons

The National Audit Office (NAO) has published their report on value for money in prison mental health services, finding that:

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Justice Projects Internship

IARS is currently looking for people who would be interested in the following areas of work to join our team as interns:

-  Justice Projects Intern

What will you do as an intern?

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