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Youth Obligation Scheme: a bad plan?

Yet again, large corporations have come under fire from the press for employing unpaid young people for up to six weeks under government job-seeker schemes.

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Police Officers sometimes don't realise how much damage they may do by not listening carefully

Violence against women is underreported – in the EU as elsewhere. Not only do women affected by violence struggle with the continuing stigmatisation in their personal environment, police officers also sometimes fall into the trap of victim-blaming. This can lead to a lack of trust in the police forces and contributes to underreporting.

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IARS contribution to the Lammy Review

The Lammy Review, chaired by David Lammy MP, was published today as an independent review of the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals in the Criminal Justice System (CJS).  IARS' work was recognised as part of this review with the report noting that there is great potential for criminal justice agencies to utilise a restorative justice approach to improve relationships with BAME communities.

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Hate Crime and Social Media

Two weeks ago the CPS published a new policy on hate crime and, within it, their pledge to take crimes committed online as seriously as offline offences.

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A positive outlook to the dialogue between the police and the BME communities

In light of the recent deaths of black men, who lost their lives in contact with the police, the BME communities are left with distrust in the justice system in the UK. Consequently, all three men were restrained by officers, taken to a hospital, and later on died from related injuries. Furthermore, none of the officers relating to the recent incidents have been suspended .

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