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International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare (IJHRH) 10th Anniversary

The International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare (IJHRH) will mark its 10th anniversary with the launch of a special issue on the topic of ‘Physical and Mental Health of Children and Young People’ at an event hosted by Rt Hon MP Norman Lamb at the House of Commons on 12 October 2017.

IJHRH is an international, peer-reviewed journal with a unique practical approach to promoting equality, inclusion and human rights in health and social care.

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Press Release: European roundtable event addresses the need to build the capacity of employment agencies and career professionals to better support migrant and refugee job seekers

On the 27 September, the IARS International Institute hosted a European Roundtable event titled Move On "Integrating migrants & refugees into the labour market” to address the barriers and challenges of migrants and refugees to access sustainable employment. The event, held in central London and saw the contributions of a number of stakeholders including academics, authors, researchers, activists, mental health professionals, journalists and NGO’s supporting refugees and migrants on employment related issues.

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Move On Roundtable Event

On the 27th of September, the IARS team, with the input of everyone involved, from academics, authors, activists, mental-health workers, journalists, organisations supporting refugees and migrants, as well as refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers themselves, successfully hosted the Move On Roundtable event on "Integrating migrants & refugees into the labour market” at Canada Water Library.

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Drop In to a great future

Attending School or University is not for everyone. There are a plethora of reasons explaining why a young person might see themselves as unfit to carry on with their education. These reasons range from financial instability to lack of motivation; however, they should not be permanently punished because they made this choice. All across the U.K. and Europe the number of young people dropping out of school is rising, and it is noticeable in the workplace. Young people bring fresh ideas to the table, they are typically fast learners, and are excited to work. Their absence is strongly felt.

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What time is it? Time2Move time!

Happy October! It is one of the best months here at IARS. Why? Because Erasmus+’s EuroDesk has launched its annual Time2Move Campaign for the whole month.

“These activities will introduce you to the hundreds of possibilities through which you can go abroad and take part in an international project, explore Europe or gain experience you need for your future.” -EuroDesk

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