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The start of a new journey

Hi there, I am Rosa and last week I started working at IARS as the new Projects Coordinator for our Equalities area. I am very eager to be starting on this role as I will be coordinating very interesting projects that bridges areas that I am not only truly passionate about but can also very much relate to through my personal experiences - areas which I also have dedicated myself professionally in the past years.

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Championing Silenced Voices

When I joined IARS last summer it represented a long over due step in my career moving from project delivery and management into a more research based academic career. For the past 15 years I had spent my working life working on and managing projects that supported some of the most marginalised groups in the UK.

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A Day for Fighting Inequalities

The Power of Peaceful Protest

On the 18th March 1922, British magistrates in India sentenced Gandhi to six years’ imprisonment for ‘civil disobedience’. But locking up Gandhi did not silence him. If anything being imprisoned amplified his message.

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IARS Sales Agent Vacancy

We are delighted to announce a vacancy for a sales consultant to help us promote and sell our Institute's charitable services and products. This is a flexible post that will be paid on a commissioning basis to help the charity sell the following:

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Trustee Vacancy: IARS Treasurer

Do you think that you can help make our society fairer, safer and more inclusive through evidence, leading debate and community involvement?

Do you believe in the power of the individual in social problem solving?

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