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Call for a youth worker consultant: Immediate start

Youth Worker / Coach Opportunity – Immediate Start in Southwark
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IARS joins Step Up Migrant Women UK Campaign

As part of our Gender and Justice Empowerment Project, the IARS has just joined the UK chapter of the European Campaign Step Up Migrant Women. In our effort to safeguard and advocate for the rights of migrant and refugee women, it is imperative that we join our forces with other fierce organizations and groups to have our demands met.

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Youth Radicalisation: YEIP International Youth Conference Teachs How to Prevent Not to Counter

On January 22nd , the YEIP International Conference took place at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), bringing together over 100 young people, politicians, policy makers and scholars to debate the issue of youth radicalisation.

The event was organised by the social cooperative Anziani e non solo, in collaboration with Liguria Region, IARS international Institute of London and CRID - Interdepartmental Research Centre on Discriminations and vulnerabilities UNIMORE.

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International Conference on Youth Radicalisation

I was fortunate enough to attend a conference yesterday as part of our Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project in Modena (Italy) along with around 150 young people and professionals to hear about the latest state of the art in the prevention of radicalisation of young people in Europe.  With around 2/3rds of the audience being under 25, the conference had a feel of being driven by the young people who are the beneficiaries of the project.  Speakers from across Europe delivered presentations in Italian and English about the latest work in the field.

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Time to Listen: Knife Crime in London

It seems discouraging to start the New Year with discussions of the same issues we faced at the end of the last; but as the celebrations fade and January becomes well and truly established, it’s time to start talking again.

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