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Celebrating World Refugee Day

Today, on the 20th of June 2017 marks this years’ World Refugee Day, and the IARS would like to invite you to celebrate the resilience and courage of refugees during this week. The refugee week is about recognising refugees’ contribution to our communities and within the UK as a whole. Here at IARS we are committed to empowering refugees through making their voices heard and raising awareness for the protection and safe guarding of their rights.

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R:J international: American School District Adopts Restorative Justice to Combat Suspension Rate

American School District Adopts Restorative Justice to Combat Suspension Rate
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Hate Crime: Cause & Effect

Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend to an event on “Hate Crime: Cause & Effect”, organized by the Equality and Diversity Forum & the University of Sussex, School of Law, Politics & Sociology. The event was very interesting and very timely, especially given the peaks of hate crime following the two recent attacks in London.

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Young People are the Heart of the Community

I suspect everyone in the UK has been touched by the tragic fire at Grenville Tower in London and my heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones in this incident.  Amidst the stories of the heroism of the London Fire Brigade and of those local residents that rallied round or rescued people my heart was lifted by the article on the BBC and in some of the London papers today about the the young people who have formed together to support the relief efforts and to give their time to support people who are suffering.

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Good bye from James

It’s incredible to me that I already have to say goodbye to my time here at IARS, when it feels like it just started. Through the past ten weeks, I’ve had an excellent time getting to know London better while making a positive difference in the city which has been such a gracious host. Although my time here was excellent in countless ways, but what sticks out to me most is what a real difference I made. Although I didn’t quite know what to expect with my time at IARS, I had a certain idea of what being an intern would mean: namely, that I’d be doing all the grunt work.

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