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Contribute to our research on Youth Radicalisation

With Christmas just around the corner we know that you are all busy tying up the loose ends and work and desperately trying to remember who's present you have forgotten to buy. So we will keep this short and sweet. 

If you are a policy maker, work with young people, have expertise in youth radicalisation or extremism, or are a young person; we want to hear from you. 

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EpsiLon training week in Athens

The IARS team recently took a trip to Athens for our Epsilon training week, this was a great success. Coming together with all four of our project partners, CARDET in Cyprus, KMOP in Greece, Movisie in Netherlands and Anziani e non-solo in Italy, proved to produce positive impacts for the training material we are striving to deliver. We were able to develop the hard work we had made in our respective organisations, through scrutinising and sharing positive practices with one another.

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Bibliography on youth radicalisation in 6 languages released by YEIP

The Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) is pleased to publish its first output through this Bibliography in six different languages. The Bibliography forms part of YEIP’s first step in unravelling and understanding the current state of the art in youth radicalisation and positive approaches in Europe.

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December 1st is World Aids Day, a day to remember people we have lost to AIDS and those living with HIV.  I'm sure we have all been touched in one way or another by this disease, in my case I have a friend living with HIV and controlling it with drugs.  When he was diagnosed it came as a complete shock, a blood transfusion when he was a boy had been infected and now so was he.  At that time HIV was a pre-cursor to full blown AIDS and in reality the time-bomb was ticking away, however in the (many) years that have followed our knowledge of the disease and how to control it has grown to a poi

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POTUS, Social Media & Extremism

This morning, yet again, the political and personal discussion of the day continues to be plastered all over social media; in an unprecedented POTUS style, Donald Trump has attacked Theresa May on Twitter after she condemned his sharing of far-right propaganda videos. Most national newspapers have picked up the tweets from the United States President and speculated over how the Prime Minister, Theresa May, will respond.

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