Tuesday, February 9th, 2016


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Press release: Move On Project Launch - Migration and Gender: Vocational and Educational Counselling

The IARS International Institute is very pleased to announce the launch of its 2 year EU funded “MOVE ON – Migration & Gender: Vocational and Educational counselling” project. The project is a highly innovative programme aiming to share, develop and transfer effective practices, training and knowledge of professionals working with migrants.

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Reflections on "Community-Led Solutions to Gender Inequality, Victimization and Offending" Conference

Today we are celebrating International Migrants Day. To mark this day, we share our reflections and learnings from our recent International Annual Conference "Community led Solutions to Gender Inequality, Victimisation and Offending" that took place earlier this week in London to examine complex patterns of unequal power relations between men and women, with a particular focus on violence against women as one of the social mechanisms by which women are forced into subordinate positions in the society. 

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Press Release: Human Rights International Day with Community-led Solutions to Gender Inequality, Victimisation and Offending

Current developments and reforms in policy and legislation on victimization and offending will be explored and debated through the lens of gender at the 4th IARS International Annual Conference “Community-led Solutions to Gender Inequality, Victimisation and Offending”. The event  will be held on the 15th December 2015 (9:00-17:00) at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, Middle Temple Lane, London EC4Y 9AT, UK.

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Press Release: IARS 4th Research and Youth Leadership Awards Winners 2015 Announced

14 Young Role Models and youth projects were recognised for their roles in our communities

Around 100 young people, representatives of youth organisations attended this year’s IARS Research and Youth Leadership Awards 2015, in partnership with the 99% Campaign that took place last night at the Canada Water Culture Space in London.

The Awards, now on its 4th year recognise and champion young people and their initiatives in their communities as drivers for social change.  

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Day 3 - Restorative Justice Week 2015 IARS Peacemaker of the Year Award Nominees

Tonight, the IARS International Institute will host its 4th Annual Research and Youth Leadership Awards. In celebration of Restorative Justice Week 2015, we'd like to highlight the Peacemaker of the Year Award category.

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Day 2 - Restorative Justice Week 2015 Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence

With our second blog for Restorative Justice Week 2015 we'd like to highlight some of the progressive work being done to explore the application of restorative justice in new contexts. While the use of restorative justice continues to expand across the world, there is little evidence or research in regards to its use in the context of cases involving domestic violence. While we know that across the UK and the EU, restorative justice is being used in this context, little light has been shed on how it is being used and how victims’ feel about it.

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Day 1 - Restorative Justice Week 2015 Promoting Victims’ Rights in Restorative Justice

This week we will be celebrating International Restorative Justice Week through a series of daily blogs highlighting the innovative ways in which restorative justice is used throughout the UK.

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Press Release: Youth Role Models are Awarded for Contributions to Their Communities

Inspirational young people and innovative community youth projects will be celebrated on Wednesday 18th November 2015, 3pm at the Canada Water Culture Space at a prestigious Awards Ceremony, organised by the Southwark-based IARS International Institute in partnership with the youth-led 99% Campaign.