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Latest evidence from prisons shows deaths, self-harm and assaults all on the rise as PM calls for wholesale reform

The Ministry of Justice and the Office of National Statistics recently released their latest brief regarding safety in custody in prisons in England and Wales covering deaths in prison custody to March 2016 and assaults and self-harm to December 2015.

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The last stages of the Immigration Bill lead to unexpected detention reforms

On 12 May 2016, the Immigration Bill 2015-16 received Royal Assent, which means it now becomes the 2016 Immigration Act.

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The Real World Crisis & Restorative Justice

By IARS Founder and Director, Dr Theo Gavrielides. Governments around the world, the media and many intellectuals had us convinced that we are living a period when financial resources are more scarce than during the World War II era. 

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United Kingdom will not join the European scheme on the shared reception of asylum seekers

On 4 May 2016 the European Commission presented proposals to reform the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and create a fairer, more efficient and more sustainable system for allocating asylum applications among Member States. One of the aims of CEAS is to prevent “asylum shopping”, namely asylum seekers choosing a favourable country (often simply a place where they already have family members, community connections, speak the language etc.) where they would make their claim.

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Vacancy: Projects Coordinator (Equalities)

We are looking for a committed and confident Projects Coordinator (Equalities). The right candidate will be involved in our European funded Erasmus + programme Move On; UK-based project Gender and Justice Empowerment project funded by Comic Relief; and two external evaluations of the Anne Frank Trust Schools Programme and Detention Act

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Restorative Justice Inquiry - watch the second hearing live

Today the House of Commons Justice Committee will hold its second hearing as part of the Committee’s Restorative Justice Inquiry. You can watch today's hearing starting at 9.45am live here. Those giving evidence will be:

Rt Hon Lord McNally, Chair, Youth Justice Board

Ali Wigzell, Deputy Chair, Standing Committee for Youth Justice

A representative of Surrey County Council

Polly Neate, Chief Executive, Women’s Aid

Clare McGlynn, Professor of Law, Durham University

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EU: In or Out – Bringing Out the Youth Vote

With the Referendum on the UK’s EU membership approaching, the question of staying in or out of the EU is hotter than ever. Recently the Secretary of Education Nicky Morgan said that young people would be the group hardest hit by a Brexit. But what does EU do for young people?  

Journalists, policy makers, researchers, grass roots organisations representatives and young people have attempted to approach the topic and provide an insight on the benefits and shortfalls of UK’s membership in the EU.

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Have Your Say - Review of racial bias and BAME representation in criminal justice system

In January 2016 the Prime Minister invited David Lammy MP to find out why official figures show that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups appear to be over-represented at most stages of the criminal justice system, and what can be done about it.

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MPs quash an attempt by peers to allow asylum seekers right to work within nine months

Currently, asylum seekers must wait 12 months before they can apply for the right to work. If it is granted, they are then restricted to jobs on the “Shortage Occupations List” which is very restrictive and effectively bans most asylum seekers from working in the UK as it includes jobs for engineers, secondary school maths and chemistry teachers, ballerinas and nuclear medicine technologists. An amendment to the Bill in the House of Lords would allow asylum seekers to be able to start work if they have been waiting for six months or more for a decision on their application for asylum.

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Panagiotis Pentaris


Panagiotis is a Senior Lecturer for the department of Social Work & Integrated Care at Bucks

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