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Exclusive offer for members: IIRP Europe Conference: Conflict in Europe, 9-10 May Dublin – Ireland

IARS is excited to have Professor Theo Gavrielides presenting on The Terrorist Within and Restorative Justice at the IIPR Europe Conference, Conflict in Europe: Meeting the Challenge, in Dublin, Ireland, 9-10 May 2017

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Erasmus+ in the UK Statement

The Erasmus+ UK National Agency has published a statement about the status of the Erasmus+ programme in the context of the triggering of Article 50, the process for beginning the UK’s exit from the European Union. The European Commission has confirmed that during negotiations under Article 50, European Union treaties and law continue to apply to the UK, and this applies to projects financed through Erasmus+.

If you are currently taking part in a project or applying for funding to the Erasmus+ programme in the UK, please continue with your plans as usual.

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A youth led approach to radicalisation

Professor Theo Gavrielides, IARS' Founder and Director, claims: "The road that we have taken for security policy and practice is leading to further division and the erosion of our European societal values". He argues: "Europe is in a democratic deficit perpetuated by a number of challenges such as the economic downturn, fears of security, nationalism and the continuous marginalisation of the disempowered". His assumption? "There is an alternative vision for social cohesion".

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A New Era in European Politics

Today, Mrs May sent a letter to the EU marking the start of the process to withdraw the UK from the EU and triggering "Article 50".  As I listened to the seemingly endless news about the impact that coming out of Europe could have on our economy I was struck by the irony that it was not necessarily for economic reasons that the leave campaign won in the referendum.

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Opportunity: IARS Youth Associate

We are currently looking for IARS Associates with specific backgrounds in youth work & research! As an IARS Associate you will join a very selective and small pool of consultants, with which IARS can work on an ad hoc. project basis.

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The new Coordinator responsible for Justice Projects

Hey, I am Bruno the new Projects Coordinator at IARS responsible for the coordination and delivery of the justice stream, through a number of nationally and internationally focused projects. I am originally from an impoverished neighbourhood in Recife, Brazil. My passion for social justice, equity and democracy have gained the attention of the regional and national media via my research. I have an M.A. in Community Psychology where I have used Participatory Action Research. Now, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Brighton.  
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A values driven world: Terror, pride and shame

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A radical approach to radicalisation

As Westminster went into lockdown due to the latest terror attack in Europe, Theo and I were in Brussels standing shoulder to shoulder with our Belgian friends remembering the people who were killed in the attack in Zaventum exactly 1 year beforehand.  The almost party like atmosphere in the glorious spring sun of the Grand Plas was in stark contrast to the horror unfolding back home in London and I was glad to hear the news from our offices that everyone was safe.

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Move On Project Study Visit to Frankfurt

In the beginning of last February, just after being offered the position as the new Equalities Projects Coordinator at IARS, I was granted with a unique and exciting opportunity to take part in the Move On Project study visit to Frankfurt as part of a training on gender and cultural sensitivity in career counseling.

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