Saturday, August 2nd, 2014


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Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process: New Publication and Training

IARS is pleased to release its new e-publication entitled Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process”, an evidence based training tool that focuses on the impact of gender-related violence on refugee and asylum-seeking women (RASW).

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Young and Unemployed: A Generational problem? The 99% Campaign in Parliament

More than 140 people including representatives from youth organisations and colleges across London packed the Parliament last night to discuss the destructive implications of youth unemployment on their lives.

The event was organised by the 99% Campaign, a youth-led initiative, run by the international charity IARS, that aims to dispel negative stereotypes of young people, and promote their involvement in decision-making processes and civic life.

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IARS Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process training

Following our successful pilot training in February 2014, IARS is now offering another training event on Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process. This evidence-based, user-led training and awareness raising programme for professionals and service providers is focused on the impact of gender-based violence on refugee and asylum-seeking women, and the need for a gender-sensitive treatment of this group.

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IARS Press Release: New Pan European Project launch - Domestic Violence under the lens of Restorative Justice

The Dutch Verwey-Jonker Institute in partnership with IARS and 5 other European Organizations will come together on the 3rd- 4th March in Utrecht, the Netherlands for the launch of the 2-year EU funded project entitled “Restorative justice in cases of domestic violence: Best practice examples between increasing mutual understanding and awareness of specific protection needs”.

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Success with accountability: IARS' Impact in 2013

Research in itself is not a charitable object. Research that can enhance the quality of life and indeed bring balance to distorted power structures within our society is a worthwhile and much needed charitable activity. Our Impact Report 2013 just released bears evidence to this.

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IARS PRESS RELEASE: On Gender and Asylum – Listening to Experiences of Refugee Women

On Monday February 24th, IARS held its long anticipated training on Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process at the leading human rights barristers’ premises, Matrix Chambers. Refugee and asylum-seeking women, who were trained as community researchers and supported by IARS, launched their awareness raising programme for professionals and services providers.

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Call for Membership: Policy Response Group

At IARS, we have a strong focus on youth inclusion, and coordinate a range of youth-led projects to ensure young people’s views and the organisations that support them are heard at a policy level. As part of London Youth Now, IARS  hosts the Policy Response Group which considers issues affecting young people for example hate crime, youth violence, police powers, youth unemployment and access to education.