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EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe)

Late last year we kicked off another exciting youth project - EYEE (Ethics and Young Entrepreneurs in Europe) - and now things are about to get really interesting!

As part of the project, we will be introducing a new arm to our Youth Advisory Board. Each of the nine partners involved across Europe will identify young people who feed directly into our monitoring and evaluation of the project. These young people will submit written feedback and meet online over the course of the project to ensure that we keep our youth-led approach. 

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The Youth Voice Journal joins one of the biggest indexing channels in Europe

IARS has always aspired to be a leader in creating new knowledge and forming public and expert opinion on matters involving Youth, Justice and Equality. When Dr. Theo Gavrielides founded the Youth Voice Journal (YVJ) in 2009, his aim was to create a space that allowed academics and young people to publish their research on a peer-reviewed platform in the hopes that this collection of evidence-based research changes the way we view matters that affect us all.

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Young Carers Conference

This week new research suggests that many young Londoners are struggling to secure employment in what is a torrid economic climate. 

According to the research young Londoners typically aged 18-25, are often "hidden"; not engaged in employment, education or training and not receiving any welfare benefits. These group represents a huge 480,000 young people. This is not only detrimental to their individaul wellbeing and potential future prospects, but also costs £440m in the loss of revenue that could be coming in to the economy through income tax/national insurance contributions.

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At IARS, we are very excited to announce that we will be partnering with Lon-Art ( for their 3rd Social Exhibition Sheroes!

Through our partnership, Lon-art will be delivering a ceramic workshop to IARS group of refugee and migrant women, who make up the Women’s Advisory Board at IARS. Their work from the workshop will then be featured in the Sheroes exhibition from the 8-11 of March as part of our collaboration.

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DROP-In: a new, youth-led project for early school leavers

The “DROP-In – Early School Leavers” new EU project seeks to establish alternative pathways for youth ESLs and drop outs, towards social inclusion and ultimately, the labour market.

A modern, integrated and holistic e-learning and networking platform will be available for young drop-outs and ESLs across Europe while, on the same time, new and innovative methodologies will be introduced in order to enhance the basic and transversal skills of the specific group.

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A long-term approach to beating radicalisation

I was reading an interesting article on the BBC about right wing terrorism and the clues they give away. Whilst the identification of terrorists must remain a priority for the security services, this is an immediate and ongoing task, which will only result in long-term change if we work in parallel to address the issue of radicalisation at source.

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Abused No More







Restoration: an alternative solution to exclusion

The cyclical relationship between crime and social exclusion presents a complex issue to tackle. When approached with the sole purpose of lowering crime rates and not integrating offenders back into the society, it may result in an outcome contradictory to what was intended.

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Youth unemployment and precarious futures

Written by IARS Youth Intern, Elise Ulvang

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Victims' Rights Training BY and FOR Migrant and Refugee Women

Following the start of the New Year, the Women’s Advisory Board at IARS will be delivering its fourth interactive workshop for migrant and refugee women who want a better understanding of their rights under the EU Victims Directive, on the 22nd of February 2018.

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