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Margot Van Sluytman

IARS Associate

Margot Van Sluytman is an internationally-respected independent voice in the field of Restorative

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Online platform launch for the first ever Pan-European project led by LGBT refugees and asylum seekers

An exclusive online platform that hosts the first ever pan-European LGBT-led project EPSILON “Equipping Professionals for Supporting LGBT refugees” is launched today.

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IARS members exclusive: Travel, stay and get trained in Germany for FREE

The IARS International Institute are pleased to offer a members' only opportunity to travel, and stay in Germany for week in order to attend its forthcoming CPD accredited training for practitioners supporting refugees and migrants. Not an IARS member yet? Just click here! It only costs £35 a year and it includes plenty of additional benefits. 


IARS is currently looking for young people who would be interested in the following areas of work to join our team as interns:

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We are looking for a committed and confident Projects Coordinator (Equalities). 

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Call for Case Studies: Race and Power

Are you a practitioner working in the community or within the criminal justice system? Do you know of any examples where restorative justice has been used for conflicts that involved power such as racism, gender based violence, domestic violence, or homophobia? Then this is your chance to have your work and views published in the forthcoming  Gavrielides, T. (2018). Race, Power & Restorative Justice: The dialogue we Never Had. Abingdon: Routledge.

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Haseeb Hassan


Haseeb Hassan is responsible for Finance at the IARS International Institute, working closely wit

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18th December International Migrants Day

This Sunday is International Migrants Day with the UN calling on the international community to take action to ensure that migration issues are taken more seriously. IARS has been working on migration issues for a number of years to help improve the support offered to those who have migrated so that they are supported in a more effective and dignified way. Our projects are user led, meaning the those benefiting from our work are also the ones helping to decide  what to focus on and what form the projects should take.

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Press Release: Championing youth voices and promoting a positive image of young people

  5th Annual IARS Research and Youth Leadership Awards 2016 - Winners Announced


120 young people, representatives of youth organizations and policy makers came together to celebrate and recognise aspiring young people and their projects, making a difference to their communities at the 5th IARS Annual Research and Youth Leadership Awards, on the 8th December at the Roxy Bar and Screen in London.

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