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Francesca Ovidi

Francesca undertook a part-time volunteering opportunity with IARS in 2009 as part of a placement organised with London Metropolitan University. She wanted to develop her research knowledge and skills and undertook IARS' Research Methods Training. She was supported to carry out youth-led research for the first edition of the Youth Voice Journal. Francesca completed the project, became a published author and went on to become involved in event organisation for IARS.

Mo Omer

Mo started volunteering with IARS when he was unemployed in order to develop his skills to help him find a job. Mo got involved in projects with a focus on criminal justice issues, helping to evaluate practices such Stop and Search. He undertook IARS' training in Human Rights and IARS' Research Methods Training. Through the opportunities available at IARS Mo returned to studying and successfully sought part-time work.

Hannah Wilkinson

Hannah has cerebral palsy and volunteered with IARS between 2008 and 2010. During her time at IARS Hannah represented the organisation at various events and designed marketing material for projects. She completed both a v50 award and a vimpact award. Hannah became a champion to show other young people that disability is not a barrier to achieving ambitions.

Alex Amileke

Alex started volunteering with IARS in September 2010 when he commenced studying for our work-based Certificate in Youth Policy.

Clara Collingwood

Clara spent a week working with IARS for a work experience placement  from the 5th to the 8th of July 2011.

Through the course of the week she took part in many different activities such as updating IARS’s social media, shadowing volunteer inductions, working on a training brochure, gathering information for an online auction fundraising event and brainstorming ideas for the TFL 99% Campaign poster project.

Sufia Shahnawaz

Sufia started volunteering with IARS in June 2011 and she is currently volunteering on our Young Women in the Criminal Justice System project. She was intitially attracted to volunteering for the organisation because she was interested in learning more about the criminal justice system and she was excited at the prospect of volunteering for an organisation that is a "force for change".

Charley Bird

Charley first started volunteering with IARS in February 2011 as part of his work placement for his Youth Work course at Lewisham College.

Danni Briggs

My name is Danni, I’m 20 and I have been with IARS for around 10 months now. I originally got involved by signing up for the Certificate in Youth Policy. I never thought in a million years that I would be doing a University course as school was never my thing, but here I am in my last 2 months!

Tatiana Garavito

My name is Tatiana, I have been studying and volunteering at Independent Academic Research Studies since last year. I joined IARS because I was looking for experience to work around research programmes as I think that is the most appropriate way forward to influence policy making. So I found IARS and I had the opportunity to study a Certificate in Youth Policy in partnership with London Metropolitan University.

Sherée Prospere

I have been volunteering at IARS since the summer of 2011, and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. Initially choosing to volunteer for IARS became a relatively simple decision due to the main principles that IARS promote and embody.

The inclusion of young people within the aspects of social policy and governmental decision was a unique and prominent appeal, as I believe the youth of any generation should not be ignored and have a powerful influence on significant life-changing decisions.