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Restorative Justice in the United Kingdom


Ifeatu Nnaobi

Ifeatu has been volunteering with IARS since September 2010 and so far has contributed a huge amount of her time and effort to working with the team. Ifeatu has been involved in a range of research projects and undertook IARS' Research Methods Training. She was recently nominated to participate in IARS' Take Over Day as part of which she shadowed IARS' Chairperson for a day.

Anaam Raza

Anaam has been volunteering with IARS since June 2010. Anaam came to IARS to gain experience in journalism to enable her to realise her ambition of becoming a journalist. Anaam worked with Davina to contribute a thought-provoking article to the Youth Voice journal special edition exploring issues around attitudes towards disability.

Jabrane Iguider

Jabrane has been volunteering with IARS since the Autumn of 2009. During his time here he has contributed to the Youth Voice Journal as a young researcher and undertook IARS' Research Methods Training. His project involved working with a group of young people from diverse backgrounds to explore the youth perspective on Local Authority community engagement mechanisms.

Jamal Holder

Jamal Holder first started working with IARS in late September 2010. He applied for an apprenticeship position as a Networks and Outreach Assistant and progressed to the role of Research and Administration Assistant.

Davina Merchant

Davina began volunteering with IARS in June 2010, she is currently a student at a local college, and has contributed to the Youth Voice journal special edition, which will be published in 2011.

Francesca Ovidi

Francesca undertook a part-time volunteering opportunity with IARS in 2009 as part of a placement organised with London Metropolitan University. She wanted to develop her research knowledge and skills and undertook IARS' Research Methods Training. She was supported to carry out youth-led research for the first edition of the Youth Voice Journal. Francesca completed the project, became a published author and went on to become involved in event organisation for IARS.