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Hundreds of Europe’s migrants, refugees and professionals to benefit from innovative LGBT-led “EPSILON” project


The IARS International Institute has been successful in gaining Erasmus+ funding.


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Home Affairs Committee Inquiry on anti-Semitism launched

In the wake of the Brexit vote there has been a reported increase in discrimination and abuse levelled at the UK’s minority groups.  One such group’s whose experiences haven’t hit the headlines is the Jewish community, yet the impact is no less real than the more reported anti Muslim or anti migrant sentiment.


IARS is preparing a submission to the Home Affairs Committee’s inquiry into anti-Semitism and are asking for organisations, groups and individuals to share with us any anti-Semitic intimidation or discrimination they have experienced.


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Be one of the first 80 people to complete our user survey to recieve a £15 voucher

This is an open call to victims, offenders and practitioners working with them to help us in shaping our Mayor’s new pan-London restorative justice service. Early this June, the Mayor of London commissioned us as part of a larger partnership called “Restore London” to set up and run a pan-London, victim-led restorative justice service. One of IARS’ key responsibilities is to gather the evidence for building this service which is due to be launched in 2017. This call is part of our effort to get victims and offenders’ views on it!

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Justice Committee inquiry into Brexit & the justice system

The House of Commons Justice Committee has launched an inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the justice system. The Committee has invited written submissions from expert and affected parties to enable it to present the Government with recommendations concerning the questions which it will need to address in the eventual Brexit negotiation process.


The Committee has provided the following context for the inquiry:

Criminal Justice

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Not just a number

Re-humanizing Refugees: Stop Blanket Blaming by Kristina Harris

Not Just a Number

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Notice of IARS AGM

Company number: 5348191



Independent Academic Research Studies International Institute


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A Continuing Wait for Calais Children

Stop Blanket Blaming: Re-humanizing Refugees

Part 2: A continuing wait for Calais children by Kristina Harris

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EURODESK UK NEWS: Time to Move and Win an iPad Mini

Throughout the month of October Eurodesk UK is running the Time to Move campaign, a collection of events for young people organised during October 2016. These activities will introduce you to the hundreds of possibilities through which you can go abroad and take part in an international project, explore Europe or gain experience you need for your future.

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Stop Blanket Blaming: Re-Humanizing Refugees

Part 1: Education & Employability by Kristina Harris


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Justice Committee Publishes Restorative Justice Inquiry Report

The House of Commons Justice Committee has published the final report from its inquiry into restorative justice. The Committee's inquiry into restorative justice, announced on 6 November 2015, set out to assess the effectiveness of restorative justice provision across the criminal justice system, with a specific focus on: 

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