Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014


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STOP PRESS: New funding to break the circle of domestic violence through restorative justice

We are pleased to announce the receipt of a new grant from the European Union to carry out the  two year project Restorative justice in cases of domestic violence: Best practice examples between increasing mutual understanding and awareness of specific protection needs”.

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The government must listen to the users of services it aims to reform

New research on 3 crucial policy areas, race & the criminal justice system, gender & abuse, and restorative justice & rehabilitation, will be launched and debated at IARS much anticipated Annual Conference 2013.

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IARS PRESS RELEASE: International Restorative Justice Week 2013:Something to celebrate in the UK?

IARS is celebrating International Restorative Justice Week 2013  (17th to 24th November) under the theme “Inspiring Innovation” and it is aiming to raise awareness on restorative justice across UK, Europe and internationally.

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My name is Nick Faraday and I joined IARS on 30th September as the Projects Manager.   IARS has many exciting and ground breaking projects that I am really excited to be a part of and to see explode and develop in multiple directions.

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PRESS RELEASE: New IARS Board members announced

On the 30th of September 2013 General Meeting, IARS members unanimously elected five new Non-Executive Directors for the charity. Having being in operation for 10 years, this election signals an important step in IARS' future.

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Privatising the probation service: What works

IARS, represented by its Founder and Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides will be travelling to Llandudno to take part at NAPO’s  Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17 – 19 October and present evidence on what works within the context of privitasing probation services.

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Tackling LBGT- and disability-based hate crime: a youth perspective

In August 2013 the Law Commission announced a public policy consultation into ‘Hate crime: the case for extending the existing offences’. This consultation questioned whether existing hate crime legislation should be extended to cover hate crime motivated by hostility on the basis of sexual orientation, transgender identity, or disability, in addition to the current protections for race and religion.

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IARS Annual Conference 2013: "Listening to Community Evidence: Race, Gender and Restorative Justice"

In a changing equality landscape certain community groups are relegated to the bottom of policy and funding agendas. To prevent the most marginalised voices from being drowned out, the call for action is greater than ever. Without such, our efforts to build a fairer and more inclusive society will prove futile (Follow on Twitter #IARS2013).

The conference is accredited with 6 CPD hours from the Bar Standards Board