Between 12-14 September, the Association of Black Probation Officers (ABPO) of the UK Ministry of Justice will celebrate 31 years from its creation. IARS' Founder & Director, Dr. Theo Gavrielides will address the conference. His presentation 'Keeping race on the agenda in an uncertain environment' will focus on IARS and London Probation Trust (LPT) recent research "Improving outcomes for black and minority ethnic users"

ABPO was formed in 1982. Several Black Probation Service staff based in the West Midlands met together with the aim of supporting and empowering BME staff working within the Probation Service. Regular meetings were established and in February 1984 the Constitution of ABPO (Association of Black Probation Officers) was approved at its first Annual General Meeting.

The 2013 conference and AGM is titled “Making Sense of an Uncertain Environment” reflecting the recent policy, institutional and structural changes that have been proposed for the probation service in England and Wales. Speakers include the ABPO Chair, Abdallah Nagib-Ali, IARS closed LPT partner, Janett Brown, Nick Hall from Probation Chiefs’ Association and others.

The IARS research was conducted for the LPT and was launched in London in June in the form of the book "Race in Probation: Achieving better outcomes for black and minority ethnic users of probation services"Heather Munro, Chief Executive of LPT, said: “We believe that our actions to protect and promote race equality in our services should go beyond simply meeting legal and regulatory requirements. They should deliver what we believe in and that is a fully integrated approach, which ensures our work is effective in changing lives for a safer London. We absolutely have to build on research that tells us what we need to do to engage those offenders.”

To access IARS' recent work and research on race click here

Dr. Theo Gavrielides' presentation - Association of Black Probation Officers’ Conference “Making Sense of an Uncertain Environment” - Rugby, 12-14 September 2013: Keeping race on the agenda in an uncertain environment