We are offering 3 bursaries to our members to attend a CPD accredited training event on 19 – 24 March 2018, in Bucharest, Romania. The event entitled “Abused No More: Safeguarding Youth and Empowering Professionals” will strengthen the skills and competences of youth professionals who are working with marginalised young people especially those who are facing exclusion and discrimination due to ethnicity, gender-based abuse or their cultural backgrounds. The deadline for applying is Tuesday 6th March. Only IARS members are eligible. To join click here

Over the course of 6 days, youth work professionals from across Europe will explore the concepts of multiple discrimination and legal literacy and key tools for empowerment and participation of various categories of marginalised young people in Romania.  These interactive sessions will encourage group discussions and facilitate cross-cultural learning and exchange of best practice.

The training aims to:

  • Create knowledge and raise awareness of the specific needs and realities of marginalised young people in Romania who face (or are at risk of) exclusion, abuse and discrimination (Roma, refugees, women, people with disabilities, LGBT etc.).
  • Develop knowledge and awareness about user-led/youth-led models of empowerment, engagement and participation.
  • Familiarise professionals with the concept of legal literacy as empowerment tool for prevention of different types of discrimination.
  • Provide participants and their organisations with good practice models and tools that can be directly applied to their work with their target groups.
  • Exchange knowledge and best practice among professionals from different countries who are working with diverse groups across Europe.

 About the Project

The content of this unique training event will built upon the learning from the delivery of the Emus+ KA2 funded project titled “Abused No More: Safeguarding Youth and Empowering Professionals”. This is a 3-year project that aims to bridge the knowledge, education and training gap in Europe in the area of legal literacy of young people and professionals working with young people at risk of exclusion and discrimination especially those who tend to be marginalised due to ethnicity, gender based abuse or cultural differences (e.g. migrant, refugee). The findings of the first phase of the project were published in a comparative report entitled “My Voice – My Rights: Young, Marginalised and Empowered by the law” and is accessible here (http://www.abusednomore.org/e-book-download/).  

During the sessions participants will have also the opportunity to contribute to the project by providing constructive feedback to the partnership.

In Romania, the project is delivered by the Romanian U.S. Alumni Association, in partnership with Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej (Poland), KISA - Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism (Cyprus), Anziani e Non Solo (Italy) and The IARS International Institute (UK) is the coordinator for the programme.

Bursaries for Participants

Participants will be offered a bursary to assist in covering travel and accommodation costs for the entire duration of the project. The amount depends on the country of origin. Participants are responsible to arrange for their travel and accommodation in Bucharest.

Please see the attachment below for more information on bursaries and how to apply. Please email your completed form to contact@iars.org.uk before the deadline. If you are not a member please email Hanin Khaddour (h.khaddour@iars.org.uk

We'll see you there!