Empowering Young People: Rights & Responsibilities training

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The IARS International Institute is pleased to introduce an interdisciplinary Youth Pass accredited Empowering Young People: Rights & Responsibilities training that offers a theoretical and practical insight in the areas of youth research, policy and practice. With over ten years experience in developing and delivering high quality training services to  young people, the IARS International Institute has enabled hundreds of young people, to develop skills and enhance their substantive and methodological knowledge on key areas of youth research, policy and practice, supporting them to develop an understanding of how to bring about change from the bottom up as well as informing them of their rights in relation to employment, housing, human rights and their rights in relation to the police's exercise of their powers.


  • Objectives

    The Youth People's Programme aims to:

    • Create knowledge around youth research, policy and practice at both theoretical and methodological level.
    • Improve young people's skills and knowledge on how to participate fully in society as equal citizens by developing an understanding of their rights and responsibilities.
    • Instill the confidence and ability to challenge social conventions and break the barriers of democratic disparity by arming young people with the tools and the ability to effect their community and their own personal circumstances.

  • The Training Programme includes

    The training programme includes the following modules that could be taken independently as individual modules or as part of a course. The programme is bespoke and can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the individual or group:

    • Active Young Citizens:This particular module focuses on generating an understanding of citizenship, and introduces the idea of using legal rights & responsibilities to advocate for social justice as active young citizens. 

    • Employment Law Training: Empowering young people by enabling them to understand the civil justice system and develop skills, attitudes and knowledge around employment law.

    • Police Powers: Enables young people to make sense of and understanding interactions with the police, and development of skills and attitudes to foster better relations with the police. 

    • Housing Rights: Instill a level of understanding, in young people, regarding the law, leasing contracts and developing skills to better handle acquiring local authority housing or settling landlord/tenant disputes.

    • Research Methods: This module develops knowledge around research theory and practical application for young people and provides the foundation for a quasi-academic approach to identifying problems and empowers young people to find a youth-led solution.

    • Campaigning:  Combines IARS’ Social Media Campaigning Training; Digital Activism; Photo Journalism; and Blogging with the aim of empowering young people to raise their voices online and offline on issues that affect them and influence change from the ground by offering them the tools to do so.

  • Who should attend

    The IARS International Institute's Empowering Young People: Rights & Responsibilities training is addressed to young people who want to be better informed on how; to become active citizens in their communities; to understand their rights in the work place; to understand their rights in housing to prevent future homelessness; to understand the principles Human Rights and how they protect us; to increase their confidence when dealing with the police; and to learn how to effectively develop and design  effective youth – led campaigns (online and offline). These modules and this programme is aimed at 13 to 25 year olds.

  • Accreditation - Certification

    The content of this course (all modules) is accredited by YouthPassYoung people that attend the course will receive Youth Pass Certification; a european wide acknowledged certification that certifies formal and non formal educational activities. 

    Professionals that are interested in attending the course can receive a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accrediation. Please see Empowering Youth Professionals: Rights & Responsibilities training

  • Programme Leader

    Professor Theo Gavrielides is the programme leader responsible for the training programme. The material have been developed after thorough research and consultation with young people for diverse ethnic, cultural and economic background. The training material has also been reviewed by the IARS Independent Youth Advisory Board.

  • Past Clients and Testimonials

    As well as tarining our own young people, volunteers and interns, we have also partnered with organisations such as NCS The Challenge, Kingsmead School and Shpreasa Progarmme. 

    In our training projects we aimed to deliver a programme that was as engaging and active as possible. One attendee felt that:

    Young people had a chance to express themselves and the activities were a great way to engage and get more awareness of hate crime policy.

    As well as focusing on awareness rising, our training workshops are designed to be informative and detailed. This allows for young people with different amount of knowledge to gain the same level of understanding from the workshop. A young attendee commented:

    I really liked learning about hate crime laws – I didn’t know anything before the workshop. We went into a good level of detail through interactive activities.



The training is free and training sessions are organised regularly.  To register your interest in attending our youth programme please contact us at contact@iars.org.uk and a member of our team will be contacting you to discuss further your or your organizations requirements.