On the 13th of July 2018, it will be the 6th annual IARS International Conference. It will be held at Middle Temple, London; hosted by both the founder and patron of the IARS – Dr Theo Gavrielides & Simon Israel.  On this day there will be discussions on how to help young migrant women and girls who have been the victim of abuse.

Not only are they of a minority ethnic group which has already put them at a disadvantage but to also arrive in a new country where language might be of a barrier to them.

To expand further this conference will look deep into their rights as individuals and the rights that they have in society and how the professionals that are working in and around these people can make a difference to their lives.

Put yourself in the position where you have just come from another country because you are being physically abused and assaulted. To then come to a country where you are not being verbally abused by their citizens and your rights are now being exploited. You would want help. This is why you we need to come together and give these women and girls a chance.

Not only will there be presentations, but there will be workshops held by those that are in partnership with the ‘Abuse No More’ program. So there will be time for you to get stuck in with all the activities that are planned for the day.

By intern: Glacia Ross