IARS International Annual Conferences

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As a leading international think-tank, IARS holds its international annual conferences to launch cutting edge research and bring to the table key stakeholders for the formation of social policy, legislation and best practice. They are held in London and have a focus on delivering IARS' charitable mission of promoting community-led, evidence-based solutions to social justice matters. IARS latest books and journals are also launched at these annual events.

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16th- 17th July, 09:00-16:00. Lewisham College, London.

Over two days and focusing on young social entrepreneurs and early school leavers (day 2), this international event will push barriers for European and national policy making and practice through the presentation of evidence-based solutions, and by allowing the voices that are rarely heard to lead on debates that matter. The conference will launch the findings of our Erasmus funded projects ProMyse - Drop-In - EYEE.

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6th IARS International Conference 2018: European community voices stronger together: Abused and stigmatised no more

12th-13th July 2018, Middle Temple, London

At a critical time for Europe and the UK, when European solidarity is questioned, the 6th IARS International Annual Conference will bring together key decision makers, researchers, scholars and communities to present new evidence and bottom up solutions for a more equal society. 

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5th IARS International Conference 2017: Youth-led Solutions to Unemployment: The Voices of Young Marginalised Carers

27th April 2017, Middle Temple, London

Focusing on young carers as one of the most marginalised groups in Europe. The conference is organised within the framework of Erasmus+ (KA2) and will draw from the research findings of the 2-year youth-led project Care2Work that explored the needs, challenges and opportunities of young BAME carers in their transition to responsible adulthood and their fair access to employment, education and training.

4th IARS Annual Conference 2015: Community-led Solutions to Gender Inequality, Victimisation & Offending

15th December 2015, Middle Temple, London

Focusing on current issues of international significance, this year's annual conference will bring together affected women, policy-makers, researchers, funders and practitioners to debate and publish cutting-edge work on issues such as violence against women migration, asylum & gender, female offenders and women-led, best practice models and responses to victimisation, lawbreaking and injustice.

3rd IARS Annual Conference 2014: A victim-led criminal justice system?

19th and 20th November 2014 - Middle Temple, London

The 2014 Annual conference launched new research from pan European projects such as the Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals. Speakers included the UK Justice Minister, the European Commission lead on criminal justice and several European experts.

2nd IARS Annual Conference 2013: Listening to Community Evidence: Race, Gender and Restorative Justice

6th December 2013 - Middle Temple, London

The 2013 Annual Conference launched new research and debated recent developments in three main areas: race & the criminal justice system, gender & abuse, and restorative justice & rehablitation.

IARS Annual Conference 2012: Community led-Solutions to Crime

26th September 2012, Middle Temple, London

The IARS Annual Conference 2012 launched critical new research and debate emerging thought on the opening up of the criminal justice system to public influence. 15 criminal justice experts, in a unique three panel format, chaired by Channel 4 Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel.