This programme has as objective to help and protect vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeking women. This specific group has to face multiple adversities and disadvantages as result of race and gender inequalities; they are more likely to be victims of hate crimes and violence against women. Simultaneously, they are less likely to know about their rights and national institutions that may provide them help. Many of these women have no enough financial resources to keep up on living.

We, as an institution, have proof that it is time to empower these women so that they can directly change both socially and institutionally our community. Our project consists of assisting those who perceive themselves as victims by giving them an opportunity to contact with the incorporation and implementation of the Victim’s directive. Once our project is finished, over 100 refuges and asylum-seeking women will be better protected by the law and supported by training and mentoring so that they can raise their voices when it comes to making decisions that directly affect them, . This project gives refugees the opportunity to influence decision makers by putting pressure on the Government to introduce safeguards or non-EU citizens. These safeguards are essential to protect women and girls in the UK rom violence, despite of their nationality or immigration status.

The first year of the project has had good results and we are currently running the second year of this project. According to the feedback provided by participants, 80% of women have a greater understanding of victims’ rights as well as their understanding of competent authorities’ obligations with victims of crime.

Anybody can get involved in our project. If you’re refugee or asylum-seeking woman or in a similar situation; or you are an organisation working with refugee and asylum-seeking women and to partner with us, please email us at

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(written by intern: Maria Fernanda Herrera Castro