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Get two restorative justice publications - 'Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People in Custody' (2011) AND 'Waves of Healing: Using Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence' (2012) - for only £14.99

Each book usually retails for £9.99 each.


Praise for Waves of Healing"The potential of restorative justice with street group violence, such as riots, remain largely unexplored. This is a timely book that takes an important step for research, policy and practice". Prof Gerry Johnstone, Hull Univeristy 

Praise for Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: "Based on a restorative justice project involving four European countries, the monograph providesa highly accessible and enlivened; yet balanced, examination of restorative justice and its compatibility within "the practice and theory of imprisonment". For anyone serious about learning about the possible application of restorative justice principles within a broader empirical context, this little monograph is worth adding to the growing collection of RJ literature". Amazon Review


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 Get two  publications  on gender- 'Abused No More: The voices of refugee and asylum-seeking women (2013) AND 'Listening to Young Women in Police Custody (2012)
- for only £14.99

Each book usually retails for £9.99 each.


Praise for Abused No More: the voices of refugee and asylum-seekign women  "this book could not be timlier as to its exclusive focus is the investigation of the experinces of one of the most vulnerable groups in modern British society. Migrant and asylum seeking women who have been in most cases continues to be, victims of violance ans sexual abuse facae multiple challenges and are exposed to higher risks of discrimination". Lynne Berry, OBE.  


Praise for Listening to Young Women in Polcice Custody: Mental health needs and the police response "this book brings forth the issues of gender and mental health as key considerations for achieveing a more effective criminal justice system that supports indiviudals in movng away from their offending behaviour rather than finding more opportunities to give harsger penalties and sentances". Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecuter, CPS London.

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Get a collection of all our issues since 2010 for only £9.99

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