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SkillUP is a short course designed to give you the basics in enterprise, and get you thinking about a career as a Social Entrepreneur. Learn how to think like an entrepreneur, conduct market research and end with the Perfect Pitch! At the end of the course, we will give you details on how to get help from our entrepreneur mentors and contribute to our support hub. Good luck and have fun!

Care 2 Work Project Free e-Course: Empowering Professionals to work with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Young Carers

The course is designed to explore some skills that Young Carers develop through their caring activity, such as resilience, perception, empathy and conflict management. It will help you to improve your knowledge and awareness on the needs and realities of young BAME carers in your country and in Europe, will provide you with key tools and resources to support young carers in empowering their soft skills and transferring them into other areas of their lives, will give you the opportunity to practice learning with realistic case studies. This training is split into one course for professionals and another for young people.

Abused No More Project Free e-course: Safeguarding Youth and Empowering Professionals

This e-course, designed by the Abused No More Partnership, aims to strengthen the skills and competences of youth professionals who are working with marginalised youth especially those who are facing exclusion and discrimination due to gender based-based abuse or their cultural backgrounds. Using real stories of young people, the course explores youth-led models of engagement and familiarise professionals with the concept of legal literacy as an empowerment tool for prevention of gender based discrimination and violence. The training is split into one course for professionals and another for young people.

Free e-Course: Empowering professionals to work with Refugee and Asylum Seeking women, understanding their experiences of fleeing violence and respecting their rights

This training uniquely combines the first hand thoughts and experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women in the UK with information about legal and policy chances that relates to the obligations of organisations working with victims of under the EU Victims Directive.

E-Course: Victims' Rights in Restorative and Criminal Justice

Accredited, evidence-based online course on restorative justice and victims' rights as these are enforced through European and international legislation. It aims to increase professionals’ knowledge and skills on how they treat and interact with victims. To access the course please follow the link.

Free Victims' e-Course: Victims' Rights and Restorative and Criminal Justice

FREE online course that aims to empower victims  by increasing their knowledge of their rights in the criminal justice and restorative justice process as these are protected EC Victims' Directive due to come into force in November 2015. To access this free course please follow the link.

Free e-Course: Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process

Evidence-based free online training programme on Gender Sensitivity in the Asylum Process as part of the three–year Comic Relief and Matrix Chambers funded project Abused No More: The Voices of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Women .