Next month, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) will be launching its shadow report on migration and race at the UKREN’s Annual General Meeting on the 4th of May. The report’s author, Ojeaku Nwabuzo, will be presenting the research findings along with UKREN’s coordinator, Alan Anstead, and the Director of Migrants’ Rights Network, Fizza Qureshi, who will be commenting on the UK specific political landscape and rhetoric around race and migration as well as the key issues to be considered by NGO’s supporting migrants and ethnic minorities.  

This groundbreaking European-wide research looking at the complex intersection between migration and racism comes at a particularly relevant time to the UK, where we recently saw a record peak in racism and xenophobia, with a reported increase of nearly 50% in hate crime after the Brexit vote.

We greatly welcome such report as it will provide us important contextual information that may help us further understanding the multiple realities of discrimination that groups we work with are affected by, namely, refugee and asylum seeking women as well as BAME youth groups. We look forward to reading the findings of ENAR’s research and using them to continue supporting and empowering refugees, migrants and ethnic minority groups particularly within our Gender and Justice Empowerment Programme and Youth projects.