As the year comes to wrap, it is a good opportunity to reflect on our work and achievements at IARS. Some of our main accomplishments are our Move On Roundtable, Women’s Advisory Board Victims’ Rights Trainings, and the Epsilon Project.

A great deal of effort was given to these projects and events, and we very much appreciate the time and response given by all of our attendees. Along the way, we also utilised the opportunities that came through our events. One of these was to meet and collaborate with various organisations similar to us, and consequently expand our reach of vulnerable refugees and migrants. Our Women’s Advisory Board workshops and Move On Roundtable in particular, gathered positive interest and ended with equally positive attendees and feedback.

The nature of our organisation and the work we do mean that we are bound by our common passion for standing up against inequalities, with the diverse backgrounds of people that we work and interact with. This, in my opinion, is the key to what makes our work at IARS what it is.

We welcome the New Year, and further opportunities to develop and deliver events as we have done throughout 2017.

This article was written by Dilara Efe, IARS Equalities Projects Intern