Millennials, and those born since, are faced with challenge upon challenge upon challenge to fix things that were broken long before their time. 

Every time I look at the news all I see is man-made destruction of our planet. I'm no eco warrior but it's pretty difficult to deny that we may have done some serious, and permanent damage, to our world. With pollution levels rising, changing weather, food shortages and more rubbish than can be contained, it's overwhelming. It's easy to think: what could I possibly do?

Luckily for us, the entrepreneurs have arrived. More & more social entrepreneurs are surfacing to provide social and ethical solutions to modern day problems. More and more coffee shops are encouraging the use of reusable cups for example, made by social entrepreneurs, while others are making recyclable food containers for catering companies. 

Here at IARS we want to do our bit too, so we are hoping to train the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We are soon to launch our social entrepreneur training programme online - accessible to anyone! - so keep an eye out for that. I just returned from an exciting project meeting in Poznan, Poland, for our EYEE project which hopes to encourage schools to include ethical entrepreneurship in their curriculum. Read more on the website: