IARS and the Restorative Justice Research Network are pleased to disseminate to its members the MEREPS' Handbook on the Applicability of Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prisons. The publication was produced by IARS' partners, Foresee Research Group and the Hungarian Institute of Criminology supported by Dr. Marian Liebmann.

Dr. Fellegi (Director Foresee) and Dr. Barabas (OKRI Head) said: "We believe that this practical guide represents a small but important milestone in the adaptation and introduction of restorative practices, like mediation and group conferencing, which have already been recognised and used throughout Europe and the world, in prison settings".

MEREPS stands for the EU funded "Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prisons Settings".  IARS is one of the six partners who have joined forces with Hungary, Germany and the European Forum for Restorative Justice to carry out the project. IARS represents the UK at a national level and has produced a stand-alone national report for the project titled "Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People".

The final European MEREPS report is being launched next week in Budapestat the final conference of the MEREPS project. More information can be found on the MEREPS website

Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director and UK project lead for MEREPS said: "I look forward to launching in Budapest next week the IARS report for MEREPS.  The report posits some evidence based recommendations at a critical point in time for the restorative justice movement. The MEREPS Handbook and the final EU report complement our findings and indeed take the research that has been done in the prison context to the next level".

The MEREPS Handbook and the IARS report are part of the "Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prison Settings" project (MEREPS), funded by EU Grant agreement no JLS/2008/JPEN/015-30-CE-0267156/0039. For more information contact T.Gavrielides@iars.org.uk

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