In the lead up to IARS International Move On roundtable event  "Integrating migrants & refugees into the labour market", the fourth and last issue of the MOVE ON project Newsletter is just out from the oven! Download it here!

The Move On project had the ultimate goal of enhancing skills and knowledge of counsellors across Europe to support them in providing the right career guidance to migrants and refugees paying particular attention to issues impacting on gender and culture as these are manifested at the recruitment stage but also at the workplace and remuneration. We have spent two exciting years together contributing to the improvement of career counselling in Europe but our project is now coming to an end. But don’t worry: our website will remain available and it will still be possible to download for free all the outputs - including an innovative training curriculum tested across six European countries. Have a look at:

Also, if you are working on the topic of career counselling for migrant women and you would like to stay in touch with us you are very welcome to contact any of the project partners. You can find the details here:

We would love to hear from you!