Dear James Brokenshire,

RE: Immigration Questionnaire Response

I am writing to answer the questions posed by the Conservative party in regards to immigration. I apologies that it is not in the format which is required by the Conservatives (online questionnaire), the reason we have not done so is explained throughout Annex B

This letter is written to introduce you to our organisation, the Youth Advisory Board and the work that our young people did in order to collect evidence for you.

Let me point out that IARS has been carrying out user-led and youth-led work and policy research for almost 10 years. Specifically in relation to your call, our young people with the support of our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) met to share views, opinions and ideas from their perspective as young people, some members shared their perspective as immigrants themselves. Their full response is attached to this letter (Annex B).  In their response, the young people set a framework for discussion which allowed them to identify key issues in each question and explored the positive aspects and negative aspects of each ‘Element’, as they referred to them. This allowed for a balanced consideration of all aspects, using statistical data where appropriate. An example of this approach is in Annex A.

Our young people have pointed out that a better understanding of the immigration situation is needed in order to dispel common misconceptions regarding immigration among the general public, as a true explanation of what immigration means to the UK would certainly lead to a greater acknowledgement of the long term benefits which the YAB have identified in Annex B.

Immigration can be concern if unchecked. However, what is an even greater concern is the negative attitude which has been created within our society through the fear generated over the years about an imaginary economic damage created by immigration. This has created social barriers between taxpayers and immigrants although it is evident that they should rely on each other.

Your response would be appreciated and indeed shared with our members and networks. This letter will be put in the public domain along with our consultation response. I would appreciate it if you could please see that this gets to right members in the Conservative party. IARS will also be disseminating Annex B to all major political parties to ensure that the views of the YAB are shared because the issue of immigration is something of importance to all political parties. We also hope that you will meet representatives of our young people to discuss their ideas in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Theo Gavrielides

IARS’ Founder & Director

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