What time is it? Time2Move time!

Happy October! It is one of the best months here at IARS. Why? Because Erasmus+’s EuroDesk has launched its annual Time2Move Campaign for the whole month.

“These activities will introduce you to the hundreds of possibilities through which you can go abroad and take part in an international project, explore Europe or gain experience you need for your future.” -EuroDesk

What does that mean for us? Well, we are going to be informing our subscribers about all the ways to get involved and promote the young people to break out of their comfort zones. Every week we will be focusing on a different topic that the #Time2Move Campaign emphasizes.

Here is our breakdown--

Week 1: Young Social Entrepreneurs

Week 2: Volunteering Abroad and NEETS

Week 3: Travel Abroad

Week 4: European Corps

Please stay up to date with our Twitter, Facebook, and Blog to check out the different opportunities we will be posting about!

Additionally, EuroDesk is launching two different COMPETITIONS to get young people involved throughout the whole month of October!

The first one is a T-Shirt Design Competition. Know a young person who likes to create graphic designs? Tell them to submit a T-Shirt design for the #Time2Move Campaign on EuroDesk’s Facebook page. Voting will take place online and there will be 3 winners plus a popular vote winner!

The second one is a photo challenge with the EuroDesk Polaroid cut-outs! Join us, The IARS International Institute, at Eurodesk UK at Erasmus+ UK Annual Conference and take a photo with them! It will be taking place 11/10/2017 at Central Hall Westminster, SW1H 9NH from 10:00-15:00. The person with the most creative pose wins big!

Additional info about the conference-- The Erasmus+ UK Annual Conference 2017 takes place in London on Wednesday 11 October at Central Hall Westminster. UK beneficiaries and stakeholders will receive the latest information about the programme and have the chance to join discussions with colleagues from across the Erasmus+ community. You will also hear inspirational case studies celebrating the story of 30 years: from Erasmus to Erasmus+. Attendees will be able to visit the Eurodesk stand in the Community Hub and find out more from the Eurodesk Officer about Eurodesk and Time to Move.

Make sure to subscribe and keep checking back on our pages because it is #Time2Move and we will be with you for the whole process! Let’s Go!smiley