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IARS believes in building on its past success and expertise. Below, you can find more information about IARS' legacy projects, which have shaped the organisation. 

The projects are ordered chronologically by the year of the completion of the projects.







Area of work| Young People

Reach| Local

Beneficiaries | Young People/Carers from black and minority ethnic backgrounds|Youth Professionals| 

Type of Programme | Youth-led research, Accredited youth training, Skills development: youth and professionals| policy/strategy development 



Area of work| Young People

Reach| Local

Beneficiaries | Young People | Public Authorities | Marginalised Youth

Type of Programme | User- led research | Youth-led Advocacy | Training | Skills Development




Area of work| Equalities & Young People

Reach| International

Beneficiaries | EU Migrants, NGO’s, VET, Higher Education Institutions, employment and advice services

Type of Programme | User led research, Capacity building: organisations, Skills development: professionals



Area of work| Youth 

Reach| Local

Beneficiaries | Young People| Youth at risk of offending| Public Authorities| General Public 

Type of Programme | Youth Led Research | Evaluation 



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Area of work| Young People

Reach| International

Beneficiaries | BAME Young Carers, Youth Workers, Professional in social care 

Type of Programme | Youth-led research, Accredited youth training, Skills development: youth, Skills development professionals, European Policy, Social Policy

Anne Frank

Evaluation of the Anne Frank Trust Schools and Ambassadors Programme

Area of work| Equalities & Young People

Reach| National

Beneficiaries | Young People

Type of Programme | Project Evaluation


Embedding Race Equality in Probation

Area of work| Equalities

Reach| National

Beneficiaries | BAME Offenders, Ex-offenders, Probation Services, Prison Services

Type of Programme | User- led research, Capacity building: organisations, Social Policy, Skills development: professionals


Evaluation of Detention Action Community Support Programme

Area of work| Equalities

Reach| National

Beneficiaries | Asylum Seekers

Type of Programme | Programme Evaluation


Area of work| Young People

Reach| Local

Beneficiaries | Young People from black and minority ethnic backgrounds

Type of Programme | Youth-led research, Accredited youth training, Skills development: youth




Victims' Voices in Restorative Justice

“Victims’ Voices in Restorative Justice” is a Ministry of Justice project that aims to  give direct voice to victims in order to increase awareness around restorative justice. The programme will be delivered in partnership with Khulisa UK across England and Wales.

Euromeditterenean  Youth - Inventory of Actors Middle East and North Africa

Funded by the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth the inventory focused on identifying organisations that work with young people in Middle East and North African (MENA) region as well as the resources that they produce.

Erasmus+ Enabling Youth Voice accross Europe

Erasmus+ is an EU programme of funding covering education, training, sport and youth projects. It replaces the Youth in Action programme and will encourage greater cooperation and solidarity between European partners.

Restorative Justice in Europe: 
Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals

EC funded, pan European two year project to facilitate the implementation of the EC Directives on Minimum Standards of Victims through victim led training material, guidance and safety protocols for restorative justice.

London Youth Now programme

An awareness raising and training project funded by Big Lottery and aiming to ensure that young people and organisations working with them can tackle race hate crime and promote community cohesion.

Funded by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union

Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence

The main objective of this EC funded project is to investigate regulations of restorative justice and mediation in their practical approaches concerning the abuses of women in the family, as well as understanding under what conditions Restorative Justice is appropriate.

Youth in Action logo

Youth in Action (EU Programme)

Youth in Action is the Programme the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future.



Overcoming the Barriers of Social Inclusion for Young People in Vulnerable Situations

IARS International Institute attended the "Beyond Barriers Conference" organised by the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth  (EU  CoE youth partnership) that debated the role of youth work in supporting young people in vulnerable situations.

Abused No More: The voices of refugee & asylum-seeking women

A three-year project funded by Comic Relief aiming to generate institutional change and increased gender sensitivity in the treatment of refugee and asylum-seeking women.




Restorative Justice and Youth Violence in Manchester

Greater Manchester Probation Trust (GMPT) is developing a strategy for the use of restorative justice with serious youth violence, street group violence (e.g. riots) and gang related crime. The project collects evidence in putting together and helping to implement a strategy in the region.

Training for organisations working with young people

IARS has a history of delivering high quality training packages to organisations who work with young people. We have enabled them to work more effectively with young people through research methods training for professionals

Training for young people

IARS programmes focus on developing young people's knowledge, skills and attitudes so that they have a better understanding of topics, such as housing rights, employment law, human rights, criminal justice system, etc.

3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe

An EU funded research and policy project that seeks to construct an effective, economic European strategy model for the diffusion of restorative justice as a response to crime.


 Gender and Mental health in police custody

A user-led programme that empowered 16 young females (aged 16-25) to inform and influence how the police engages with young females with mental health problems while being users of the criminal justice system.

Restorative Justice and the Riots

 International, research and policy project that looked at the potential  of restorative justice with "street group violence" such as riots.

Youth Safety on Public transport

A youth-led investigation into young people's reporting preferences when faced with intimidating behaviour on their bus journeys home from school.

Young Muslim Women and Sport

A youth-led heritage project which empowered young women (aged 16+) to explore and preserve the hidden history of the changing role of Muslim women’s participation in sporting events in the UK since 1948 to the present day.

The London Youth Volunteering Project

A project which enabled young people from across London to be better engaged with the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.



Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to the London Serious Youth Violence Board

A ground breaking project initiated by the London Serious Youth Violence Board (LSYVB) and the Metropolitan Police Service to assist  the police with the development of strategies for preventing violence amongst young people in London.

Youth Empowerment Project

A youth-led volunteering project which provided young people aged 16-25 with opportunities to influence policy and practice.

Restorative Justice & the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People in custody

This is an international project that was funded by the EU (2009-11) and was carried out as part of the Mediation and restorative justice in prison settings (MEREPS) project, focusing on the role of restorative justice in prison settings and post sentencing.  




Young Arab Research Network

A unique network of young researchers in the Middle East who established themselves as a knowledge base on the issues facing Arab youth.

Young Justice Champions Project

A cutting edge public legal education project that equipped young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal with law related every day events.