This week is mental health awareness week and there are some amazing initiatives that we should all be checking out. Remember that we are all affected by mental health in some way or another, and we should educate ourselves. Here at IARS we think about what affects society all the time, and there are countless examples of how our users are affected by mental health issues, be it themselves, a family member, or a friend. Below are just a few interesting things you could be reading on your train home this week:

The charity Mind is asking us to consider how we feel at work, and be honest. They have revealed how 50% of employees are not telling their boss when they have poor mental health. Read more here: 

Radio stations are coming together at the same time all over the UK to support the Heads Together campaign, see the video here: 

Public Health England are showing why they're investing more in your mental health: 

Finally, it isn't all about depression and suicide. Mental health issues affect everyone differently and manifest in different ways. For all you Bake Off fans out there, hear all about Nadiya's story from Comic Relief, here:  

Take some time this week to think about you - what makes you happy, what's important to you? Most importantly, be safe and talk!