Youth disengagement from formal education system is constantly being observed throughout Europe making it a continental phenomenon as numbers continue to grow. Young people are most often blamed for being a drop-out and or early school leavers (ESL). Many wonder when the social stigma attached to youth ESLs and young individuals who drop out of school will grow faint. One of the several unfortunate ramifications of when individuals disengage from the formal education system is that they ultimately become excluded from the rest of the society, as they remain without fundamental qualifications and skills that are essential to secure employment today.

The IARS International Institute alongside our four partners, including KMOP (Greece), InEuropa (Italy), CARDET (Cyprus) and The Schottener Foundation Social Services (Romania), have come together to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of young people in this group.

Drop-In aims to develop and deliver an integrated and holistic e-learning platform that is specifically tailored to the needs of ESLs and young drop-outs across Europe, which will significantly advance the likelihood of a stable employment. Drop-In also serves as an integrated platform designed to help improve the primary and core skills of the particular group. This project targets those drop-outs/ESLs who are already excluded from the formal structures of society, which could be due to a mixture of their economic, personal, and social circumstances, as their vulnerability to being further excluded is higher.

There will be nine modules available on the platform; all of which are carefully tailored to help participants meet the demands of today’s labour market, as well as drive social inclusion. A certificate of completion will be available as participants complete the training. We will offer a widely recognised CPD accreditation, which helps individuals to regularly focus on how they can become a more competent and effective professional.

This innovative online platform will be up and ready to use in December 2018. Please read our second project newsletter for more updates on the online platform at

The Drop-In project will run from September 2017 to August 2019 and is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.  For more information regarding the project, please visit:


Written by Justice Projects Intern David Arciga