IARS is looking to recruit interns for youth and justice projects! We are currently looking for two young people who are interested in the following roles:

  • Research Intern
  • Youth Project Intern



What do the roles involve?

The Research Intern will work on the Restore: London project, which is a user-led project giving access to high quality restorative justice services across London.

The project will involve the following tasks:

  • Assisting in the initial research draft,
  • Employing mixed methods approaches,
  • Compiling, formatting, analysing qualitative and quantitative data,  
  • Managing surveys,
  • Conducting stakeholder mapping and assisting in semi-structured interviews,
  • Supporting focus group interviews,
  • Assisting in the initial research drafts,
  • Conducting systematic literature reviews,
  • Report writing and proofreading.

The Youth Project Intern will work with various youth-related projects, including SkillUp, Eurodesk UK, Drop In, Promyse, EYEE.

The projects will involve the following tasks:

  • Assisting in a variety of youth-related projects,
  • Employing both qualitative and quantitative research method processes,
  • Assisting in the training design and delivery,
  • Writing blog posts,
  • Promoting projects and producing social media content,
  • Assisting in communications and marketing,
  • Event management stakeholder mapping,
  • Assisting in events and taking minutes in meetings,
  • Academic writing.


What benefits can I expect to gain from the experience?

You will be provided with a thorough understanding of how to conduct user-led research and develop journalistic skills. Furthermore, the position will offer a rich and high quality experience that will enhance future job prospects within the area of public policy and research.

In order to be considered please email your CV and covering letter to contact@iars.org.uk  by the 5th of November 2018. 

Please indicate the area that you would be interested in working.