IARS' Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides has contributed a chapter to the newly released book Restorative Justice Today: Applications of Restorative Justice Interventions, published by SAGE and edited by K S.V Wormer (University of Northern Iowa) and L. Walker (University of Hawai).

Dr. Gavrielides' chapter is entitled Clergy Child Sexual Abuse: The Restorative Justice Option. It explores the potential of restorative justice with child sexual abuse cases particularly those that happened within the Catholic Church in the US, Ireland and eslewhere. 

About the book:

Restorative Justice Today: Applications of Restorative Interventions takes a hard look at the issues and concepts surrounding restorative justice and current restorative practices used in a broad range of areas today. In a time when the cost of prisons and jails is on the rise resulting in more offenders being kept out of the community, this timely and contemporary book exposes readers to a range of restorative practices that can be implemented. The authors, renowned experts in the area of restorative justice, provide information not found in other restorative justice texts.

How to get a copy:

You can purchase a copy of the book here online through SAGE.