Restore:London are developing a victim led pan London restorative justice service on behalf on MOPAC.

As part of the project IARS is coordinating a User Scrutiny Panel with the purpose of ensuring the service is truly user led. A vacancy has recently opened up on the panel so if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch.

The central role of the Panel is to ensure that Restore: London develops and delivers a pan-London restorative justice service that has the voices of users at its core and reflects a model that has meeting the needs of victims at its central focus. The Panel will be critical to achieving this through the provision of independent advice and scrutiny.

The development of the Pan-London Restorative Justice Service will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 focuses on designing and evidence based and victim-led service model, while Phase 2 focuses on operational implementation of the model and ongoing service delivery. The Panel will have a central role throughout both phases fulfilling the following functions:

Phase 1

  • Overseeing of the development of victim, offender and stakeholder surveys seeking evidence on the needs of victims of crime in accessing restorative justice services.
  • Providing input into the design of the Restore: London service delivery model in relation to how it could best meet the needs of victims of crime.
  • Once designed, reviewing the model to assess its compatibility with victims’ needs.

Phase 2

  • Providing independent scrutiny to ensure that Restore: London is meeting the needs of victims as designed (this is likely to include review of service data, service user feedback and review of representative cases).
  • Providing assistance, advice and insight to Restore: London delivery team in relation to any identified challenges regarding victims’ needs. 

Each Member of the Panel will be required to:

  • Commit to attending bi-monthly meetings until January 2019.
  • Fulfill their role independently of any other affiliations.
  • Commit to being well-organised and prepared for attendance at each meeting, including reading all relevant documents and agenda papers ahead of each meeting.
  • Sign an agreement on their role and commitments.
  • Agree with all other members the boundaries and expectations of the members.


Panel members are paid £80 per meeting to cover expenses for attending the meeting.

To download the person specification for the role and for more information on how to apply please click here


For more information about the project click here