Some success stories from clients and stakeholders

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Over the last year, IARS worked with a number of stakeholders, locally, nationally and internationally. Here you can find some success stories from clients and testimonials.


"Young people's voices matter, but with so many challenges facing them around education and employment, it is easy for those voices to be lost. The work IARS is continuing with the 99 per cent campaign is an important step in giving our youth the chances they need to develop as individuals and contribute to the growth and strength of Britain, and I am pleased to support their on-going efforts to affect change through a youth-led structure. "

Brooke Kinsella OBE,

"The current financial climate has hit young people the hardest. I encourage you to support IARS, a charity I am a Patron of. IARS has a mission to enable young people to reach their potential and participate in society as equal citizens independently of their background. But they can't do it alone. I look forward to joining you in supporting their cause. "

Lord Charles Falconer of Thoroton, IARS Patron and Lord Chancelor (2003-7)

"Your work has made real inroads into tackling crime. As the mother of a teenager myself, I am pleased that you have challenged the negative perception of young people to better their life chances and also to value them as equally important citizens in our society. Work like this aligns very closely with my own agenda, and I have no doubt will be part of the solutions we all want for young people, families and communities in London, and indeed across the country. You have made a big difference and this knowledge can spread like the ripple effect of the pebble in the pond to making other communities safer and with better outcomes for young people. "

Baroness Newlove,

"I fully support the ethos of the 99% campaign. It is a great platform to allow young people’s views and voices to be valued and understood in a space where they are actively contributing and enhancing their skills. It is a positive way of recognising, celebrating and publicising the positive work young people are doing across the country. NCVYS is working hard to highlight how important partnerships and collaborative working are to developing services for young people. As a representative body for the voluntary youth sector we know how important it is to recognise the hard work it takes to build strong partnerships. The 99% campaign could not be a success without strong collaboration and I urge those that are not yet involved in supporting the campaign to think about what you can do.  I am delighted that we are supporting the IARS Research and Leadership awards which will continue to celebrate the effort put into strong partnership working in the sector. "

Faiza Khan, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Communications, NCVYS

"As lead for Youth Engagement in the MPS I fully support the messages of the 99% campaign in highlighting all the positive contributions that young people make to our communities and society overall.  I am privileged to spend a lot of time with brilliant young people who continually inspire me by dedicating their time to helping us to make life better and safer for Londoners. I believe we must do all we can to celebrate and publicise the large number of brilliant young role models we have in order to inspire more young people to fulfil their potential in similar ways. The 99% campaign provides us with an important and exciting opportunity to do just that. "

Gwanwyn Mason, Head of Youth Crime and Engagement Strategy, Metropolitan Police Service

"At a time when negative perceptions of young people are increasing, the 99% Campaign is vital in dispelling negative stereotypes of young people and promoting their involvement in civil society. Nominet Trust is excited by the role of technology in giving young people a voice and in scaling up the 99% Campaign across the UK. "

Annika Small, CEO of the Nominet Trust