The IARS International Institute vehemently condemns yesterday’s Finsbury Park terrorist attack on innocent people, an attack to the core democratic and diversity principles of our society. Our hearts and solidarity go out to the friends and families of those affected as well as to the whole Muslim community.

This was a heartless attack on Muslim communities who have now for long been targeted by islamophobia and violent hate crimes as a result of being unfairly scapegoated and associated with terrorism.

Horrific attacks like those remind us of the vital importance of initiatives directed at tackling the root causes and consequences of far-right radicalisation and preventing youth to be dragged to white supremacists ideologies of hate. As civil society, our role is now more important than ever and it is our responsibility to stand strong and equip the youth to unite to fight racism and marginalization and prevent that social inequalities and economic downturn be used to scapegoat entire communities.

We believe in empowering the youth to lead the way in constructing their own resilient, cohesive and inclusive societies. Based on our youth-led philosophy and through our Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project, we call out all young people to join us in our efforts to create a youth-led, Pan-European strategy to prevent violent radicalization and marginalization.