On Monday 23rd April we will launch and discuss the findings of our year long project "Young Carers Matter", at our FREE CPD Accredited conference. 

In anticipation of that, this post acts as a teaser to some of the interesting discussions we expect to have on the day, where we will present our report detailing our experiences. 

Over the year, we worked with around 100 young carers; training them in their civic rights and responsibilities, as well as empowering them to present their voices. We discovered a tight knit community, suffering from funding cuts and impersonal services. We also discovered really positive initiatives, helping build bridges between employers and young carers, and championing social mobility. 

Some of our key findings included:

- a renewed focus on education from young carers, who saw that as the root of employability

- young carers were finding a voice to talk about their ideas for policy intiatives

- an increased number of young carers in gainful employment

Next week's conference will engage a host of stakeholders, who will discuss these and more in detail, including speakers from:

- Working Chance

- West Ham FC Community Foundation

- Good People UK

- Children's Society

- Carers Trust

Few remaining tickets can be found - for free! - at http://www.iars.org.uk/content/YCMconference