Eurodesk UK is hosting a flagship campaign to encourage international studying, volunteering, and traineeship opportunities. Throughout the month in October there will be 822 events both online and offline events across 35 countries.

All of these events will be to advertise the hundreds of possibilities through which young people can go abroad and take part in international projects, explore Europe or gain experience for their future.

All of these events will be run by the Eurodesk UK partners and ambassadors. We at IARS are always ready to help you find the international project most suitable for your needs. Volunteering in another country for a few months? School exchange for a semester? Internships abroad? We have you covered.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to find out more, get involved, or have an opportunity you think could be promoted through Eurodesk UK. Contact us at or get involved by using #timetomove2018 

Search for a Time to Move activity close to you by using the activity tracker below:

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