IARS Vision, Mission and Strategic Aims

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Our Vision

A society in which everyone is given a chance to actively participate in social problem solving

Our Mission

"To give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society".

We do this by producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, sharing best practice, and by supporting young people and the community to shape decision-making from the bottom-up.


Our core Organisational Values

We were founded upon the three principles of: 

  • user & civic participation
  • restorative justice and dialogue
  • individual empowerment and responsibility

We act in the spirit of partnership, dignity, integrity and honesty and we remain independent, fearless and respectful of diversity and equality issues.

We should be known for our:

  • Strong organisational ethos rooted in our founding values
  • Professionalism and expertise driven by values, integrity, dedication and passion.

Our Strategic aims

The IARS International Institute was informally set up as a bottom-up, international network on youth matters. Since then, we have expanded our remit and we are now recognised as one of the world's leading user-led Institutes with a mission "To give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society." 

We are focused on empowering the most marginalised communities through direct service delivery, while enabling organisations to achieve, measure and improve their social impact.

We also have a mission to transform young people’s lives by enabling them to have a better future, and participate equally and democratically in civic life. We are dedicated to helping deliver the EU Youth Strategy by "Investing and Empowering" our young people. Paying particular attention to the current economic crisis as this impacts on young people and other marginalised groups' solidarity, employability and social cohesion, IARS' has agreed the following strategic aims:


SA1: Identify and respond to international current social needs by generating evidence-based solutions through action research and user involvement.


SA2: Enable people to come together to share and communicate best practice, locally, nationally and internationally.


SA3: Support the individual in the development and delivery of user-led campaigns and awareness raising initiatives that create a safer, fairer and more inclusive society.


SA4: To influence and inform social policy through evidence-based arguments and the piloting of innovative, user-led models of practice, locally, nationally and internationally.


SA5: Deliver our strategic aims by building the appropriate organisational capacity.