The IARS International Institute is very pleased to offer exclusively to its members three (3) free places to a pan-european training programme entitled “Developing Inclusive Youth Policies” that will take place in Campobasso in Italy from 3-10 July 2015.

The programme is developed by the ‘GAL Molise verso il 2000’  and aims to promote bigger social inclusion in the processes of development of youth policies. It will bring together 21 youth workers for 7 countries with a view to develop their competences and enable them to design and implement effective advocacy actions and foster social cohesion in their local communities.

The course covers a wide range of topics and strategies for work in disadvantaged and developing youth communities including Sustainable development, Vocational training and employment aid, Business creation, small business/artisanal support, social inclusion in industry etc

Eligible applicants should be 18 – 35 with experience working on community projects and / or disadvantaged youth populations. The course will be taught entirely in English, requiring a matching competency in the language. Beyond relevant experience and English competency, applicants must be willing and capable of committing to all seven days of the program from 3 July to 10 July 2015. 

Participants will be requested to pay a £30 pound participation fee which will be deducted from reimbursement for travel costs.

The offer is exclusive to IARS members so if you are not yet a member, apply now by following this link:

Deadline for applications is the 30th April 2015. Applications will be considered on a first come basis. If you are interested in applying please contact