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Independent Academic Research Studies

Ben first became involved with restorative justice as a police officer 15 years ago, whilst seeking new approaches to youth crime.  He was subsequently appointed to one of the early pilot Youth Offending Teams and was responsible for the delivery of a wide range of restorative justice interventions and their evaluation.

On leaving the police force he was appointed to manage the Connect Project, which was a Home Office research project for the use of restorative justice in the adult criminal justice system.  At this time he also trained and mentored Probation Service colleagues in the use of restorative justice in serious and complex cases.

Ben then joined the Victim Liaison Service of the London Probation Service, in order to engage in victim-initiated restorative justice casework.  These cases were mainly of a serious and complex nature, often in custodial settings

His work has addressed sensitive issues that are not usually addressed by restorative practice, for example cases involving partner abuse, or sexual or racial motivation. He estimates to have been involved with, or responsible for, approximately 2,500 restorative justice interventions.

He now works as an independent restorative practitioner, consultant and trainer. He is an advocate of the need for a professional association of practitioners and is a founder member of the Register of Restorative Practitioners.

Ben was one of the team responsible for the Home Office document – Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practitioners – and its recent review. He has also recently assisted in drafting new National Occupational Standards in restorative practice.

He has recently assisted the RJ Consortium and Skills for Justice in drafting new National Occupational Standards in restorative practice and in establishing an NVQ based award for restorative practitioners.



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