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<p>As Communication and Marketing Officer at IARS, Roberta is responsible for communication and outreach activities, specifically campaigns, online social networks, website development and newsletters.</p>
<p>She is the Assistant Managing Editor of the IARS&rsquo; Youth Voice Journal and the main point of contact for enquiries for mainstream print and broadcast media.</p>
<p>Finally she is in charge ofmarketing IARS&rsquo; publications, events and services to new and existing audiences and developing IARS&rsquo; marketing materials.</p>
<p>She holds a BA in International Communications and two Masters Degrees: an MA in Communications Systems in International Relations and an MSc in Development Economics and International Co-operation.</p>
<p>During the last three years, she has extensively worked in communication, marketing, sales and web design for both the private and the third sector.</p>
<p>At &lsquo;The Conservation Volunteers&rsquo; and the &lsquo;Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations&rsquo;,&nbsp; she was in charge of designing, building and maintaining&nbsp; websites. She was also responsible for the creation of marketing materials and effective communication solutions.</p>
<p>As Marketing Account Coordinator at &lsquo;SENSOTEC&rsquo; (renewable energies), she was responsible for the development of marketing strategies and the management of sales representatives.</p>
<p>Roberta is passionate about the ways in which community led initiatives enhanced by new technologies interact with and influence politics and social change. Her genuine interest in human rights issues is testified by her volunteering activities with local and international organisations in support of a fairer and more democratic society.</p>


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