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Reflections on the Protasis training evaluation and the impact assessment

As part of the Protasis project, IARS conducted an independent evaluation on the training programme in order to assess its impact on the everyday working life of police officers. This evaluation specifically assessed the curriculum design, the organisation and delivery of the training, the trainers' capacity, as well as the benefits and possible obstacles identified by the trainees to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired through the training.

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Future Europe Future You Conference

Now is a time more important than ever for young people to discuss about the future with policy makers and to build intercultural relations for the future.

Held on Monday, 18 June by Eurodesk UK, this international conference is for young people 18-30 to meet together with policy makers. This conference will take place at the Europe House in London with up to 100 youth delegates from all parts of the UK and 13 European countries.

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Keeping Child Abuse on the EU Agenda

International Children’s Day, commemorated on June 1st, is the international promotion of children’s rights and their wellbeing. The EU plays an imperative role in promoting initiatives, which safeguard the rights of children and protect them from abuse and violence in Europe.

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IARS’ Response to the Domestic Abuse Bill Consultation

The Government has launched a consultation on measures to be included in a draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

As part of IARS’ public policy work, we regularly respond to government and government agency consultations. We perceive the consultation as an important opportunity to inform policy-makers about the current gaps in legislation regarding the protection of refugee and migrant women, who have experienced domestic abuse in the UK.

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#DiscoverEU THIS SUMMER! Applications open 12 June!

A new European Union initiative held through Eurodesk UK, promoting the exploration of Europe, for 15,000 young people of the UK and EU.

For those that are 18 years and older and would like a chance of traveling Europe this is the perfect opportunity. This initiative is focused on the youth taking advantage of their freedom of movement, exploring diversity, and making friends from all over the continent.

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